Disney Podcast Created!


I was orginially going to makes these by myself, but I decided to do them with my best friend! It’s called SpectroMagicPodcast!

Here’s the link to our YouTube home page:
YouTube - SpectroMagicPodcast’s Channel

And here’s the link to the first video: (it’s in two parts because it ran long!)
YouTube - WDW Vlog 1.1

YouTube - WDW Vlog 1.2

It’s kinda rough because it’s the first one! They’ll progress once we get the hang of things!

Let me know what you think!!
And if you’re on YouTube, SUBSCRIBE!!!
Many more to come! <3



It was nice to hear the shout out to Mouse Buzz!!!

Your friend looks bored with MB though!:sleeping:



you girls did a great job!

it was cute! :C)


Aw, dang I was hoping you guys were at Disney… if you ever take a trip, you should definitely bring the cameras and like film on the train around Magic Kingdom or monorail or something… that would be pretty awesome.

I love the introduction… cute. You might change the background up, though? You could maybe blow up a picture of the castle and sit in front of it. Maybe change the background every week to go along with theme.

And what video editor are you using? Windows Movie Maker? You might change up the font and color scheme a bit. I found an awesome font (too late for my WDW Video TR :crying:) on Memorex exPressit (cd/dvd label maker) called Waltography that you might look into. You might use attractions or scenery pictures as backgrounds to your titles. If you’re more talented at graphic design, you might create your own. However, that does become time consuming, and considering it’s a podcast, you probably don’t want to spend too much time editing.

I’m loving this argument about Animal Kingdom by the way.

I’m going to subscribe. Keep up the great work!


Haha, she just hasn’t been pulled into the magical powers of MB yet! hahah. And thank you so much!!


Yes, like we said in the video we are bringing the camera down for our next trip and are doing podcasts down there as well. And yeah, we plan to theme the background depending on what we are reviewing. THis video was made in the middle of the night on a whim, so we didn’t really fuss with a backdrop just for the intro. Haha.

But yeah, we use WMM, I like the program a lot, it’s simple and easy and quick, but I appreciate the advice! The following videos will definitley be way interesting scenery wise and a lot more fun and exciting! This was just an opening video. We still need the hang of it, you know!

But thanks again!


So cute can’t wait to see more!