Disney Princess Enchanted Tales Sweepstakes!


Check out this link . . . GOOD LUCK!!

:heart: Grand Prize is a trip for 4 to WDW and a STAY in the CASTLE!! There is a cool virtual tour to see too!! :heart:

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVDSweepstakes


thanks! when i win, i’ll send you a postcard!!! :happy:


Ooooh! I just entered. Thanks for the link. :ariel:


thanks for the link. I just entered too.


I just entered too! That would be DD’s dream come true. I’m not lucky enough to actually win but maybe someone here will!


What’s this crazy talk? :ohmy: You have just as much chance as anyone else. Who knows? If it’s not the big prize, it could be one of the many other 1st-22nd prizes. (I read them all in the rules and any one would be fun surprise!) :happy:


I know, isn’t it great there are so many? Good luck to all!! :laugh: