Disney Princess Furniture


I absolutely CANNOT wait to get this!!!:goofybounce:

My little Princess Genavieve is finally moving into her BIG girl room. Right now, she is in a bedroom right next door to my bedroom. By the end of the month, she will be in her brand new bedroom upstairs next to her big brother. Her new room is so much bigger than her old room…more than twice the size! She is REALLY excited!:mickey:

Her room will be painted pink, with a darker pinkish-purplish rug. And we are getting this furniture:

We are replacing the smaller dresser with the larger dresser and the heart mirror!

I only DREAMED of having a bed like this when I was a kid.

Just wanted to share…I am so excited!!!

It is being put on the truck on 4/20 from Florida…I should have it 1-12 days after that.

YAY! :cheshire:


The link didnt work so i am not 100% sure which bed it is but i went and looked at all of the Disney beds and the princess ones are adorable.


I love it!!! That is adorable!!!

(mine flashed in for a second–the link–then went out)

It was the carriage one right? (I think you mentioned getting it on Facebook too right?)


Thanks! It’s the Princess Carriage Bed, with the canopy.


OMG! I’m about to buy that bed for myself! :smiley:
I dreamed of that as a kid!!!


OH, that bed!!! :wub:


That is an adorable bedroom for your princess!


Your Princess Genevieve is going to need it, too! :happy:


WOW! That’s one lucky girl.


That is so awesome!


Home Depot has Disney color paint. My DW painted our spare room Princess Pink after our oldest son moved out. She figured that would keep him from coming back… LOL


I love it! What a lucky little girl she is to have that set, it’s beautiful.


I want this bed. For myself!!

Lucky lucky girl!!


WOW! I see that advertised all the time down here in FL, but never knew anyone who bought it! AWESOME!! What a lucky Princess you have! :heart:


Soooo cute! I love the bed and can just imagine a little princess curled up under the canopy. She will have so much fun!