Disney Princess Pez Gift Pack


Party City here in New Jersey has the Disney Princess Pez Gift Set on sale! If you want it, head on over and get it! It has Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Mulan and Pocahontas, plus a ton of Pez candies… I think the sale [rice was $14.99!


How cool is that!?! Great for b-day party favors too


Which party city in NJ? I live by the Deptford mall location


How cute. I want one for me…


That is so cute!


Oh my gosh, that is SO adorable!!! What a great set for a Princess Party! :wub: We have a Party City next to my gym but obviously I have no need for a “Princess Pez set” :laugh:


I saw this at Toys R Us just before xmas…it’s adorable, but I believe the regular price was $20…which was a bit much for me…now, for $14.99…I might be tempted…it would be a great addition to the little pile of disney themed b-day gifts I’ll be giving DD Val on her birthday while we’re there.


My Party City is in Paramus!


That’s not far from me at all ~ ok, well it’s far from ME but not far from where I shop…actually I think that’s the only Party City I know about ~ well, actually I think there’s one in Denville…but I don’t like Denville…LOL…I’m going shopping with my sis on Thursday night, maybe will hit Party City!


They were selling that at my Target over the holidays . . . it was $14.99 then, maybe you can get it now . . . 75% off?


I actually bought them separate (minus Aurora) at Shop Rite for $1.25 each,
I do like the gift box better though. Is that all the Party City stores?