Disney princesses: favorite moments


Ok,y’all have to admit, somewhere deep down we all love the disney princesses! So this is the super thread where you can post some of your favorite moments you’ve had with them! So, here we go!:laugh:


i’ll start, on my first trip to disneyland when I was about 6, Snowhite REALLY had to be somehwere, when I asked for her autograph though she was very patient with me and even walked with me down to the wishing well, she didnt act like he was in a hurry at all, she just focused on me and making my experience enjoyable.that really made my trip that year!


Princess Aurora told my 2 sons they had to treat their little sister like a princess and to always look out for her like a prince should. She told my DD to let her know if they didn’t hold up their end. It was cute how serious she was and the looks on all their faces!


thats so sweet!


How adorable!!!:wub:


We took DD to dinner in Norway with the Princesses. DS was very good. When he met a sitting down Ariel, she told him she had a secret for him. So he leaned over to her , and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was a very good sport. Being seven at the time, he was a little embarrassed. I of course asked Princess Ariel if she wanted to tell me anything! But said it was only between her and the little prince.


I would have to say in 2005 when we took my DD for her 5th birthday to the Castle for breakfast. All of the princesses made sure to pay extra special attention to her and they all signed a keepsake placemat for her. The CM brought her the most beautiful cupcake, too!! It was the sweetest thing.


That picture is truly priceless! :wub: Two beautiful princesses!