Disney Quest Voucher with Magic Your Way Package


Has any one redeemed the Disney Quest voucher’s now included in Magic Your Way packages? How did you go about redeeming them? Thanks!


Yes, my daughter and her friend did. You just take them to the ticket window at Disney Quest and they use that as you admission to enter.


Thanks Dana! I know you can’t say for sure but do you think that it might would be possible for my mom to use her voucher for herself and my son although he is on our reservation, not hers? I know that in the past they only printed the name of the primary person on vouchers that we have had, does the primary person have to be present to redeem a voucher? Sorry for the questions, we have been several times but have never redeemed vouchers before.


Yup - you absolutely can. If I don’t use my vouchers, I always give them to a family who can use them.