Disney Quest


Can anyone tell me what Disney Quest is like? We have never been before and will be gong on our next trip. I have 2 kids 7 and 4. Is this suitable foe them? Thanks for all the info… :cool:


Our DD and DS were the same ages when we last visited WDW – Disney Quest and they weren’t too impressed. I liken it to a really large arcade for older children and adults. My children are a little older now (7 & 10) and I would like to try it again. Hopefully, they will have a better time!

Hope this helps!


My DD (10 at the time) like it, but my DBF’s DS called it “lame”


how much is to get in the disney quest?


I think I would have to disagree with the above. Several times we had brought the K-5th graders there for a day field trip with the school and they ALL had a BLAST! The little ones were a tad too young for most things but I’d say for ages 7-late teens it’s great! They LOVE the Buzz Lightyear “Astro Blasters”, which is a souped-up version of bumper cars in the dark where you “blast” other cars with “asteroids.” They have an internet cafe with a Cheesecake Factory express, which was always popular with the kids.

They also loved the design your own roller coaster attraction b/c after you design it you get to “ride” it in a simulator that does upside down and everything. The animation area is cool, and the “Virtual Reality” type attractions are fun, especially the Pirate one where you guide the ship and blast other ships for treasure.

The building is easy to navigate and setup in rooms where monitoring the children is fairly easy.

I think it’s great, my husband and I even go at least one night every WDW vacation.
It’s definately worth at try, if only once.


Thanks for the info. I think my kids will have a blast!!! We got free tickets with the free water parks for the new package in 06. I think the tickets are usually 25-40. dont quote me on that. Im not to sure. I think we are going to do this on the first night. Depends on if we drive or fly. not to sure yet.


Our boys 15 & 12, Love DisneyQuest! When DW and myself are tuckered out, they just grab a bus and go! Great place for kids! (IMHO)


My boys were 11 last November and enjoyed the virtual rides and of course the ever present Arcade games. But there is some “stuff” for the younger crowd as well. Like a cartoon clinique, where they teach the kids how to draw characters. There’s also a bumper car arena which is fun. I would try it. The admission was included in our park hopper tickets.


It’s worth a trip, especially if you’ve got the park hopper and get in free. Some neat things there (virtural reality) and Pirates ride. Virtural Space Mountain is worth trip in though by itself.


disney quest is a lot of fun. 5 floors of free games is amazing. there is one floor that has old time arcade games, like pacman and such. it’s free and lots of fun. you can make your own rollercoaster and then ride it. that’s the best. you get to play life sized pinball. that was fun but a little hard at first. there is a game themed to pirates of the caribbean that’s a lot of fun. it’s 3-D and you have to wear the goggles to have a great time. Disney Quest is definitely worth the time going to.


Just don’t forget to go to the Cheesecake Factory! WOW that was good! We are two adults and we went the last trip. There were a few things that we enjoyed - river rafting, the POC and the old arcade games. We got the free ticket upgrade for 2006 too and we will be going - maybe just for the cheesecake :laugh: ! :mickey: