Disney Quest


Our kids have always asked to go to Disney Quest during previous visits. I’ve always resisted giving in to paying $40+ for a glorified arcade. Might consider it this go around. Is it worth the cost? If so, how much time should be allowed for it?


We did it once, only because it was included in our water park and more feature of our park passes. Our kids were way too young for it. It is good for older kids or teenagers, but there isn’t much for young children. I would have been extremely dissappointed if we had actually paid to get in. If the kids are really into it, you could spend a good part of the day there, it is huge inside.


The only reason we did it in October was because we added extras to our parkhopper b/c we went to BB one morning. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have bothered.

It might be worth an extra on a parkhopper if you’re doing something else, but for $40 a head… no way is it worth it.

JMHO :biggrin:


the last time we took our boys they were 14 and loved being able to go there while we sat at the House of Blues waiting for them. It was included on our park passes and the boys went to play quite a few times.
Personally I find it a less than exciting place. Somewhat run down and dirty.


I guess truth be told, between 2001 and 2004 we had what used to be called ultimate park hoppers which were part of our package. Since then, we’ve had premium APs, so we are able to come and go at will and have the luxury of popping in for an hour and not thinking twice. The same would go for the waterparks as well, excepting the need to have dry clothes to change into. Then again, the last couple of times I went to BB, I only stayed for a couple of hours and then left too.


I have teenage boys and the last time we were there we had a blast. There are games you can compete against a group of people, and the boys loved taking on Mom and Dad. We lost ourselves in there for about a half a day. I’d say it’s worth it for at least one try. There is a ton of stuff in there. Make sure you explore floor to floor.