Disney Quest


It’s been a while since I have posted on Mousebuzz, and when I am here, I ALWAYS get great advice, or learn some interesting things that I wasn’t aware of.

So, Mousebuzzers, how many of you have been to Disney Quest, and is it worth spending a day there? My son (12) and I will be spending a few days in the resort in a few weeks, and since that is one place we have never gone, I was just wondering what everyone thinks about it.
Thanks in advance!


We’ve never been there but in think 12 is the perfect age. I think we’re going to try it this summer (if we have time) with our 14 year old.

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Its been a while since we’ve been there but it was really fun. I believe the boys were around 12 and 14. They went off on their own (kept together and checked in with us) at one point when dh and I found the section of arcade games from the '80’s. We laughed and played for hours. Then hooked up with them challenging them to all the other games. We definitely had a great time, and would recommend it to try at least once. A word of caution though, I hear it gets nasty crowded on a rainy day. Probably would get to a lot more games on a nice sunny morning.


It was great when we tried it, but it’s not the main parks. I’d rather spend my day there. I wish the one in Chicago hadn’t closed, because that could easily be an annual trip.


It’s not really a full day attraction. I couldn’t imagine spending more than 4-6 hours there… and I think 6 is really pushing it.

If you go late at night (I think within two hours of closing) there is a special where it is half price entry. It’s less crowded at night, and there is hardly a wait for anything. You could easily do everything there in the last two hours it is open, especially on a week night (we were there Saturday night, Saint Patrick’s Day… it was absolutely packed in DtD but there were hardly any people in Disney Quest).

It’s pretty fun. My favorite games were Pirates of the Caribbean, which is like Toy Story Mania with the same type of cannon, except you’re in your own little room that moves and you shoot ghost ships and sea creatures. I also liked the Jungle Cruise, which is a raft ride simulator, Cyber Space Mountain (a very popular design-your-own-rollercoaster simulator) and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. My boyfriend and I had a good time, and we are in our early 20s, so I’m sure your 12 year old would have a blast, especially if he enjoys video games.


We’ve been, but only because we got in with the water park and more option on our tickets. It was fun, we did spend the majority of the time on the arcade games from the 80s-90s. The virtual rollercoaster is pretty neat, but I don’t have the stomach for anything virtual reality. I lie. I could handle the old star tours. Not sure about the new one. Oh, and by virtual reality I mean anything that I have to look at a screen while im in/on the ride. I get soooooo sick lol

The jungle cruise thing is also somewhat neat. I can only spend about 2 hours before I get bored. I say you only go if you hut DD for late lunch or dinner.


We loved it, for about 3-4 hours. Throw in an extra hour of line time if you go while it’s busy but I wouldn’t make a full day of just that. If it was the whole DTD area and that then ABSOLUTELY!!!
Hard to say what my favorite was, most likely something in the 80’s Arcade. DD13 just said her’s was the virtual Pinball Machine where you’re standing on a platform in the machine as the ball and are trying to score off the screen in front of you. Yep, that one was fun.


It’s a great place for a kid. Actually our entire family had fun there. I particularly loved the Pirate thing.


Thanks everyone! I am still debating…I will toss a flattened coin that I made the last time I was in Disney to make the decision…LOL.


I have been to Disney Quest and love it, just not as much as the other parks. It is HEAVEN for a 12 year old boy though. They have the most delectable cupcakes there! I love playing air hockey.