Disney Quiz


Have you taken this quiz yet?
I thought it was a little hard!


(If it’s already been posted, I’m sorry!)


I got 90 out of 100! It says I’m a Disney King! I already knew it, now the whole world does!

although I think Disney Dork is more accurate


Uh, not so good here. I scored 60 out of 100. Guess I better study some more! Or go to WDW A LOT more! :biggrin:


Hey, I’m a Disney King…er Queen!


I got 80 out of 100, which makes me a Disney Princess.


But you already knew that, didn’t you Twist? :wink:


I got 80 out of 100 also! Another DIisney Princess…that quiz was sort of hard!!


I got 80 too. Some were a little tricky. But I’m definitely Princess material.


Great Quiz!!


90 for this Disney Queen!


Boy am I feeling a little, uh, should we say, Disney-challenged!

Um, I must have been distracted when I took the quiz. That’s it, my DS was talking to me in one ear, the dogs wanted to go outside, the doorbell rang, and the phone rang. I just couldn’t think straight . . . :blink: :wink:

runs off to take the quiz again


I got 100! Now that is a good way to start the day :slight_smile:


Oh, goodness. I feel pretty dumb! Only 50!

Where’s the quiz about DisneyLAND? I could ace that one! :laugh:


I’m a Disney Princess. Did I need a quiz to tell me that ???


Haha! Same here…just look at my profile name. :tongue:


I missed the first question but I am still a Disney Queen woohoo I know being a disney freak would come in handy someday


My score was…

Ahem! Ahem! Drum roll, please…

Once again, that score was …

Thank you, thank you very much. (Does this mean I need a life?)
(I admit I did have to guess on the Dr. Dawa’s Diary question)


I got…

A 100!!!

Apparently, I am as cool as phayes!!! ;c)


I got a 90. I missed the question about the Dawa photo album. I will have to look for it next trip. Oh well, I am still a Disney Queen. :smile:


i am Disney Queen. i answered 10 correctly in total is 100 points.:mickey: