Disney Rain Jackets


Is $10 A Good Price To Pay For A Child’s Yellow Disney Rain Jacket?
I Found One On Disney Shopping??? Thanks For Your Feedback!
How Much Are They At The Parks???


That sounds like a good price to me!


Sounds like a good price to me. It is a rain coat right? Not a poncho!


You don’t mean the old yellow ones they used to sell in the parks, do you?


If you mean the ponchos, last year they were clear and cost about $10 in the parks! We still had our bright yellow ones and brought them with us!

(my DW is a SMART planner!)


The one on disneyshopping, is way nicer than the park versions. This is a serious rain coat. Deifnately get it if you want it. $10 is a great price for that. I know exactly the one you are talking about. They had adults ones too.


After 20 years of buying ponchos, some of ours have become real “collector’s items”, lol. We have some with Pocahontas on the back! But as long as they keep the rain out - who cares.


You got THAT right llama! And even if the sun is shining bright, bring em’ with you anyway! Cause you KNOW it WILL rain at least once during the day, then dry up! :happy: :cool:


I went to my local Dollar Tree and bought 4 for $4.00.


i bought the clear ponchos last year they came in very handy. I dound it very amusing how fast the CM’s appeared with carts of ponchos to sell the minute the rain started. :mickey:


Will these ones be too hot for August??


Well, that could be a concern. The thing with the ponchos is the air can get up under it, whereas the coat would completely encircle your arms. But really, any rain gear will feel hot and yucky in August.

Personally, I prefer to carry a lightweight umbrella to the parks in the summer. I can’t stand to have anything plastic sticking to me.


Hot or no my son hated wearing a poncho. It was just awkward for him. I would have liked to have a rain jacket.


I always bring a small ziplock bag with me to the parks,i get my money and CC in it and one ziplock for the digital camera and if it rains…well i walk in the rain,most of the times it rains in the afternoon so im about to go either to have dinner somewere so i just jump back to the car change and go have dinner. Ponchos are nice but to pay $10 for a plastic bag??? if i remember before hand walmart has some really smal plastic ponchos that fit in a pocket like for $.99 and after the rain is gone the ponchos are gone to the garbage to.


Rainjackets are awfully hot in summer on the gulf coast. Thin ponchos tend to be much more tolerable.

I can’t manage and umbrella because I’m usually (always) the pack mule with the digital camera, camcorder, etc.

I am, however, one of the best poncho folders on the planet.


Wearing just a thong in the park precludes the need to wear a rain coat, as you dry off rather quickly in the summer.


And it’s amazing how quickly the crowds will part for you, as they run off screaming in horror.:ohmy:


(Oh no, extremely bad mental image):eek:


Actually, just the opposite. People asking for pictures. Girls hitting on me.

Really, it’s embarassing.


With sticks?