Disney Refrigerator Magnets.. where can I...?


Where can I find a nice selection of them? Other
than E-Bay I am having no luck in finding them.
Give me some sites to look at or any other sources
to look at. I thank you kindly:flowers:


How about…

Disney Shopping: Magnets, Medallions and Spoons - The LaughingPlace Store



Amazon.com: Disney Magnets


DisneyStore.com: Magnets


Thanks guys, but I have looked at all those sites,
I would have thought I could find a very good variety.
Downtown Disney has that magnet store and they
DON’T sell any Disney ones. Where are people on
E-bay finding them? I know some folks save and then
sell, but where are the other folks on E-bay coming
up with all of them? Comments?


We had a lot to choose from at World of Disney in DTD… you’ll be there in no time!


Yes Franco we bought all ours from the parks and the resort shops too they have a great selection there- it wont be long till you can get some great ones too!


You should just wait till you get to WDw…they have them fairly priced and MANY to pick from. I also am a fan of the magnet store in DTD’s west side…they have some really cool ones there.