Disney Related Names


Is anyones name something Disney related? Did you parents name you this on purpose to be Disney-ish?

When I have kids one day I want to name a daughter “Disnie” but anyone I’ve told this to laughs at me :S what do you Disney fans think of a name like this?


I actually have heard of Disney as a girls name although I don’t personally know any. I had a professor in college named Mrs. Duck who (and I am not kidding) named her kids Donald and Daisy. Can you imagine having to sign a check as Donald Duck. That poor guy was probably never taken seriously his whole life! Of course, on my dorm floor there was also an April Showers. Name your kids whatever you want, but remember they have to live with it as an adult,too.


Disnie isn’t a name I would use, however, you can name your kids what ever you want. As a teacher I have heard kids with unusual names or common names spelled untraditionally complain. Some are so sick of spelling their name to people by 8th grade that want to change it. School can be a rough place and kids are not always nice, a really unusual name can work on some kids but not others.


I would love to be named Donald Duck…lol…hears PJ snickering in the background…i was just kidding. Anyways, as for disnie…I dunno…that is up to! But I agree on the whole living with it forever point!


I know a Daisy, a Mickey and a couple of Donalds, but not Disney-related. But I have never met a Goofy, a Pluto or an Aladdin! Where are those guys hiding?


Anyone hear of MICKEY mantle…or MICKEY rooney…or MINNIE driver…or Mel Gibson…no wait, Mel Gibson doesn’t make sense…sorry!


I would not mind the name Minnie or Belle or a name that is not as obvious but I am laughing pretty hard at the Duck family.


If I was doing the child naming thing I would be very careful about doing something too unique. The poor kid has to live with it the rest of his life. If you want a little Disney magic pick a character you like Belle or Gaston (no wait) ummm like Mickey (Mike or Michael) or Walt/Lillian for a middle name. If you are really nuts (like most of us here) you could change your last name to Disney :mickey: :laugh:

The Duck family is funny…

I had a guy I worked with long ago with the last name of Berger. They named their first son after some Star Trek character but in the office we called him cheese (he had a daughter we called bacon cheese).

Growing up there was the Butts family (I kid you not) and the father’s name…Harold. My first boss out of college had the first name of Harold too. His last name Busch. Both of them went by nicknames instead if their first names(I wonder why).

Some other strange names I have run into…BluSky, Forest Glenn, Wolfban, Dakota, Parrie, Stream.

To be totally honest I have petitioned hard to name a son Nebraska…but all I have gotten close on is Magnos, Thorwald, Pascal (all family names).


The only one I’ve met before is Jasmine. Which I think isn’t over the top at all.

In my family I’m named Cher, yes for THE Cher and my sister is Annette after Annette Funicello during the MMC days.


I don’t know any folks with Disney-related firstnames, but there’s a family at our church named Disney. Their kids take enough ribbing as it is - but it’s all good-natured. I’m ALWAYS nice to the whole clan - who knows, they might find out they’re related to THE Disneys!


OMG, I am going to pee my pants :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I know a little girl named Jasmine, and she is named after the Princess.

I wouldn’t name my child Disnie, but to each their own!

I do like unique names for children, but something that sounds pretty when it rolls off the tongue!


Could be worse…the children could be named…Frollo, Quasimodo, Pinocchio, Chernabog, Bagheera, Shan-Yu…now those would be funny disney names!


I’m all for unique and different names - not too out of the ordinary, but something you don’t hear every day. For instance, Greg and I have already decided if we have a son, he will be named Najee - after one of our favorite jazz musicians. Not too out there, but it’s not a ‘Bob’ or anything. Some have snickered, but we love the name.
Personally, I would never name kids anything Disney-related. Jasmine is fine, though. It just seems to be setting them up to get picked on. But names are very personal, if you think it fits your child, by all means go ahead. Just remember that kids today can be extremely cruel.

And that Duck family is just pure mean…those poor kids.


LOL yes Chernabog sounds like the perfect gentlemens name.
Okay, so I guess I’ll scrap “Disnie” off the name list…but I think when I get married changing the 'ol last name to Disney would be pretty cool haha! What a way to cheat into the legacy!


Now that is an idea…I never thought of that!


I am doing the baby naming thing right now (due in October), and I would like to have a Disney-ish type name, but I am fond of the unusual. Having been a Jennifer Lynn (can you tell I was born in the 70’s :laugh: ), I always swore that my kids would have unique, individual names.

I like Disnie (sp?). I think it has character.


I am a Jennifer Lynn too. My mom wanted to name me Cherona after the song My Cherona…Thanks DAD.


I’ve named my animals: Jasmine, Pooh, Piglet…I’ve had so many animals that I can’t remember their names. I’m sure there are LOTS more disney names but I can’t remember them at the time!


I have heard of an Ariel, Belle and a Jasmine all for disney reasons. I also know a few donalds that are totally undisney realted…family names I believe. I had some really unique names picked for my DD before she was born like Desarae Rain …stuff like that , but I let my father name her since he didn’t get to pick any of our names. He chose Sara Jayne. He wanted it Jane, but I wanted some unique twist on it…lol The oddest name that I have ever heard growing up was Oscar Ralph…We called him Utt…u sounding the the u in put. Strange yes, but who wants to be called Oscar all the time?