Disney Renaissance anyone?


Sorry for the rant, but I wonder if I’m the only one…

I’m growing more and more dissapointed with Disney’s animated movies, yes, the sequels most definitely count… I’ll go out on a limb and say Stitch was their last greatest movie, but I don’t think I could call it a classic…

I think I’ll have to walk around calling myself the “Renaissance Girl” or something. :tongue: I’m such a hardcore fan of The Little Mermaid through the Lion King that it makes me wish they would make another movie as well-done, awesome, epic, and 2d-licious as those. Then again, most movies are all a matter of opinion…I still like other movies after the Ren mind you! Tarzan in particular…yummy. :angel:

So how about it? Anyone a Disney Ren fan like me? Do you think the Disney Ren even exists? Did it end beyond LK? Where is the line drawn between “classic” and “cult classic”? Is this decision based solely on the box-office scores or something else? (IE Aladdin vs. Great Mouse Detevtive)

Thats right, Screever, turn your rant into a discussion starter… :wink:


I think it was a Renaissance for all those great 2d films, now were in to the 3d films and it may be a while if ever to top the 2d films like LK, Alladdin, Mulan, Huntchback, and ending with the movie with the 3 cows (can’t remember the name) oh yeah Home on the Range (which I liked).


I’m kind of with you. I have such love and appreciation for Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast, almost as much love for the Lion King, and then after that the love drops off.

I just have such good memories of seeing all of those… alone in my Disney geekiness for the first available shows down at El Capitan…

And I also remember arguing with a guy when we saw the first movie poster for Little Mermaid. He thought it was a re-release or a remake. DUH… :laugh:


I would call Stitich, Home on the Range, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, are all part of the new but not as new as the 3D movies category…to me, the classic movies including Hunchback, Pocahontas, and Tarzan…all have that Broadway quality…which makes sense since Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and now Tarzan are all been/being made into broadway shows…


I just think it will be hard to top all of the movies you all mention. Everyone is a classic, in that certain span of time. How did they do that and where are those people now?


I’m sorry, I keep thinking of the part in Spaceship Earth where you see Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo… :laugh:


I am with you 100% screever! All for one and one for all! (or something like that)
The Little Mermaid was…IS my whole life! I was the theme (again…IS the theme) or m whole childhood, the magic that movie brought me is unreal. I just don’t see that happening with “cars”
But you know, the only thing really keeping me going at this point is how back in the 70’s/early 80’s (before TLM) Disney had quite a low point, with no "big’ movies coming out then they hit the BIG time with all the Howard Ashman/Alan Menkin movies. I think we are partly still suffering his death, we need some more GOOD musicals!

Right, back to my point…they had a slow period with no big movies, then the 90’s brought great success, so maybe we’re in another rut right now and in 4 years it’ll get GREAT again? maybe? ya think? i hope?

please no one smash my dreams, they’re all thats keeping me going…:smile:


…somewhere deep inside, I have that dream too, Tessa! It’s true. :wub:

We should start the Disney Renaissance club. :laugh: We shall rock the socks off DCers everywhere! :cool:


Eisner is gone and Roy is back. I think good things are in store. :wub:


I’ll be completely honest and say that I am not a huge movie buff. I naturally liked Disney movies as a child but I am MUCH more interested in the history of the parks, the parks themselves, the working of the company, how everything operates, etc…

I ABSOLUTELY love “Sleeping Beauty” though, I think that movie stands out above many based on the intricacy of the animation, the detail, musical score, character development, etc… I will agree that I haven’t bothered much with Disney movies since Lion King either. Of all the most contemporary Disney films I’d have to say I was most impressed with “Finding Nemo.” All the others, like Lilo & Stitch, Pooh’s Heffalump movie, the Tigger movie, CHICKEN LITTLE (ugh), I was completely NOT impressed with.


2 words: John Lasseter


Is that a positive statement or negative? I can’t tell. :huh:


Any post that has the word 2d-liscious becomes the Greatest Post Ever.

I Just wanted you to know that! LOL!

Oh, and I’m with ya, girl!


:laugh: Hahaha, thanks Erin! That made my yucky day so much better!! :wub:



If you are look for a Disney Renaissance then John Lasseter is your man (he was the creative head of Pixar and is now the VP of creative for Disney).


Nobody throw tomatoes when I say this…

I don’t like the look of the new animation. I thought Toy Story was interesting, but I didn’t know it meant the start of a trend…

And the backgrounds in regular cell animation movies are too intense… I liked the old beautiful backgrounds that set the scene, but didn’t compete with the action… you know, like the forest in Bambi, the garden in Cinderella, that kind of thing.

I guess it’s sort of like I don’t like my kids’ music now, either, right?


No tomatoes! I get what you’re saying completely. Pinnochio and Snow White, alot of older films were the same way as Bambi, very beautiful, low saturation watercolors. I think even Lilo and Stitch used understated backgrounds, and thats fairly new…

On the other hand you gotta give em credit for being so detailed with EVERYTHING. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” but that is some really crazy animation (and this is coming fr someone who HATES anime!) It’s so highly detailed, you feel so much more like its real, being filmed on set with a camera. It even puts some of Disney’s bg’s to shame…

Tomato throwing? Bah. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :happy:


Well, I’m a HUGE fan of the Disney/Pixar movies. To be honest, I think they are superior in almost every way. With that said, that doesn’t mean I think they should abandon the original form of animation either. I too think the Little Mermaid through Lion King era was the best in Disney history… But, you know that Disney has gotta go where the $$$ is, and over the last 10 years or so, has been the computer animated movies.

MissDis…not that I disagree with you, but just for fun, I wanna throw tomatos at you… :wink:


I loved Tarzan… :slight_smile:

And I love Miyazaki as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard rumors Disney will release Pom Poko though I cannot imagine how.


I loved Tarzan… :slight_smile:

And I love Miyazaki as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard rumors Disney will release Pom Poko though I cannot imagine how.