Disney Resort Collection now Online!


If you like what is in you resort room,(like the Beds, Bedding, Decor, Bath supplies, and Radio,) Here it is.:smile:

Disney Resort Collection



Oh! Very cool!!! Now we can have those oh so comfy mattresses that we were all talking about!


OMG… that is awesome. Thanks for the link. Now we know where to go for the large H2O products.


Thanks for the link.


Oh no!! Why did you show this to me??

How will I ever save enough money for my next trip???:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Very cool, thanks for the link Mr. Go. :smile:


Not to put a damper on it but, is this actually off the Disney site? I don’t know. It just doesn’t look like a Disney site.


The Disney Resort Collection is offered by Hotels at Home Inc.
Not sure that it matters though…I’d still like to have the comfy mattress and accessories/amenities at home.


I dont think that all the lamps in my entire home are worth $250 all together- LOL
I just need to keep restocking on the disney shower stuff each time I go- incentive to just keep going!


Just keep going…just keep going…going going!:happy:


That brought out an audible giggle… LOVE IT!


I love the Mickey Bust lamp!