Disney Resort Mugs?


I am wondering if anyone has a picture of what the current mugs for All Star Sports looks like?

I found two at Good Will today for $.50 each, but I’ve never seen pictures of the Sports ones, so I’m not sure how current they are. I picked them up. Even if I don’t use them for Disney, they’re nice mugs!


I don’t know if these are the current ones or not. :smile:
Refillable Mugs


Thank you! Those are not the ones I got, but since there wasn’t even a date stamped on the bottom, I wasn’t sure. They look like the 1998 All Star Music ones I found on ebay, only the ASM had a big 1998 printed on them. Well, hey, cheap mugs!


U can probally get away with still using them…




dang how lucky finding resort mugs at good will … I wouldnt part with my resort mugs for anything …and I dont reuse them … I always get new ones … which is why I am running out of space


I think everyone WILL run out of space…eventually…


Wow, how lucky finding those mugs at Goodwill! :ohmy:


When we went to WDW in 1996 we bought the 25th Anniversary mug, I was thinking of taking it with us. I am going to purchase the mug at the POR (and actually thinking of getting one at POFQ but not sure) - I am hoping that I might be able to fill one of the mugs with coffee (for me) and some sort of other drink in the other one…

Do you thinkg they will allow it?


As long as Disney keeps building the beverage island outside of the area in the food courts where you pay for your food,they are acknowledging that people bring mugs from previous trips or from different resorts or even non-Disney beverage containers and they are okay with that. It’s the principle of being penny-wise and pound-foolish if they enforce the mug-can-only-be-used-in-the-stay-in-which-it-was-bought rule.


When we went in April everyone was using a diff mug. Thats when we decided to buy one and then just re use it when we come back. I dont think I will cause I like to carry bottle water with me for the kids and I but Ed likes to get coffee first thing in the am so he will reuse his. Also he uses it every day for work so it well worth it. Plus when he goes to work he can look at it and think about all the good memories we had in WDW


Do they change the mugs every year?


I don’t know… that would only make sense


I dont know either. I really dont think so


The mugs were the same for both Port Orleans Resorts when we went last time. So you would only need one. I have never seen the using other mugs thing enforced.


All they really need do is modify the system used at the water parks with the refillable mugs. You just get a barcode that the drinks machine can read and then dispense your chosen drink. I wonder if they have thought of this?


we use the same ones year after year too- i’ve seen people filling up resort mugs from all over WDW at POR-we have the old Dixie Landings mugs too and loads of others Swan and Dolphin and CBR I could never give them to Goodwill we also have an Animal Kingdom one that was issued before AK opened and it was like a promotional event I guess that one may become collectable one day


They probably don’t enforce it so much as I would think the majority of customers are one timers and won’t be back again


I know! $.49 each, I was NOT turning them down, whether they are useable at Disney or not! I was just too excited! And they’ve got purple handles- purple is my favorite color. :wink:


You can use any resort mug on any resort. When we were at the AKL last year there were people using POR and AS mugs in the food court and non of the CM’s batted an eye lid. They dont seem strict at all really. We always buy new mugs but thats just to save space in the suitcase and we like buying the new ones on our first night, It’s like a tradition lol