Disney resort near DTD?


So while at DD’s dance class last night, us moms were helping one of the other moms finialize plans on her Disney vacation. They are going mid June & I dont she has ANY clue what she is getting herself into. She thinks this will be like going to Dorney Park or Hershey Park (local amusement parks) for the day. She has no idea where they want to eat, where to see the characters or even anything about fastpasses:huh:. We are each making lists for her this week & reporting back next monday…easy way to kill the 45 minutes while we are waiting for the girls!!
Anyway, she said that they are staying at “a disney resort right across the street from Downtown Disney that is on the Disney bus system”…i think she is crazy but you never know. Is there one there? and are they part of Disney?? I dont want to add EMH to my list if they arent going to be able to go.


Maybe Saratoga Springs:confused:


There is this: Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels in Orlando, Florida

I don’t think you can participate in EMH or the dining plan at these?


This map will help you out too! Just click on the number!

Map of Walt Disney World Resort - wdwinfo.com


Ok found it…it’s the regal sun resort. She swears she still has all the perks of Disney resorts?! I didn’t want to argue with her, she’s the type that knows everything & is always right.


Is it on the list of the DTD Hotels? I think the “perks” are listed right on the site under each resort.


THe Hilton was the only one I knew of at DTD to participate in EMH.


I think she saw where it said ‘continuous bus to all parks’…I’m telling you she has NO idea!!


I have to say, she could be right about all of the perks!!!

I have not stayed off property in like 10 years. However, I was purchasing an ornament in Italy last year and filling out the paperwork to have it sent to the resort and on the slip they have you fill out, there were a list of outside resorts that they will deliver stuff to as well as all of the Disney resorts. It was the exact same green paper that the regular Disney resort guests fill out! Therefore, I have to believe she may have some of the same perks as regular guests.

Stranger things have happened!


You know she’s going to be the one who cuts down Disney when she gets back because it was too crowded. I had a co-worker described the same as you have her. Tried to prepare her, but you could tell it was going in one ear and out the other. When she got back, she said they didn’t have that good of a time, it was too crowded and the food was way too expensive. Then I find out, it was resturants outside of Disney.


Your friend will be staying in what was the Grovsnor Hotel. We have stayed there for a business trip and it is nice, but it is not the same as a Disney Resort. She will NOT able to use EMH. The only hotel in that area that has negotiated EMH with Disney is the Hilton. The buss she will ride on are not the same Disney busses. The Bus from her hotel will drop her off at the TTC when she goes to the Magic Kingdom. It will not take her up to the park entrance like the Disney busses do.

I would have a frank discussion with her and let her know before she goes. They are not eligible for the dinning plan, they share busses with the Lake BuenaVista Resort Hotel, BuenaVista Palace, Double Tree, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and the Royal Plaza Hotel. They also will not be able to park for free at the Disney Parks. On the site it advertises free parking for Regal Sun Resort, but when I called them they said it was free parking at the hotel for Regal Sun Resort guests. Bus Transportation from the Downtown Disney Hotels is horrible and since you would have to pay to park if you take your own car it really stinks.

Print this out and show your friend:

Regal Sun Resort | Free Transportation


I’ve stayted in the area before and she’s off site. Not the worst location for sure, but offsite.

She should look into renting points from a DVC member. Many of us rent points and it’s often as cheap or cheaper than off site plus you are at a Dsiney resort with all of the transportation system, EMH perks and Magical Express airport shuttle.


I do believe that some resorts have bus service to Disney even though it’s not the “Real” Disney bus service (if that makes sense?). We stayed at the Hilton once and it was right across the street and I do believe their was bus service.


I really think this is what is happening…they said ‘shuttle service to the parks’ and i said bus service, meaning the REAL disney buses…it amazes me how clueless some people are when it comes to Disney…really, its right there on the Disney website!!

One of the other moms said ‘oh my husband was in charge of planning our Disney vacation 2 years ago…we stayed at that white hotel’…um, you mean the Grand Floridian?! :huh: