Disney reward dollars for ADRs?


I know I can just call the 800 # and ask but it’s so much more fun getting everyone’s responses here. :happy:

Can Disney reward dollars be used to hold reservations when they are called in? I’m specifically thinking of making an ADR for HDD and I’m thinking you have to hold it or pay in advance with a credit card. I’d prefer to use reward dollars if I can!!


Rlander has used them to book CRT one year. We also have used them to book our Whole Package. You wont need $$ to hold most ADR’s… just a few like CRT, HDR, etc.


Thanks. We had to use our credit card to hold the Candlelight Processional dinner package last year and after I hung up I kicked myself for not asking to use reward dollars for that. The whole point of banking our reward dollars is to pay for all of our food at WDW! I’m trying to think ahead this time. :blush: :happy: