Disney rewards card stories


A friend of mine had his credit line reduced from 12,000-6,000…his credit score average is 734…avg all three…and his debt percentage…is less than 10% of his credit lines…my son applied for a disney visa and was approved ,he has a credit score of 736 and was granted a wopping credit line of 640.00 dollars …I urge others to post and maybe disney is listening …and will either change card companies or try to influence chase or at least ask them what is going on…I myself have stopped using my disney visa …because I hav eheard to many other similiar stories …I have no confidence in their practices…I know this is a happy forum but I urge others to post their stories or others they have heard …:noo:


I think it’s really weird with the 640 bucks. We just got a card and it was 4950 credit line. What’s with the odd numbers?

I have heard of credit lines being dropped out of the blue. My DD usually pays off her card (not disney visa) every month and they just got notice the interest was going up to 29%.


I don’t believe Disney Visa should be singled out. With the economy, I would imagine every company is doing something to tighten up and get a little bit of a safety net going. It’s just a sign of the times.


I have heard of this type of credit reduction from various banks as well. I’ve got a Disney Visa myself, but have not received any notice of a reduction.


We haven’t had any changes to our Disney Visa but we did have a card we hadn’t used in years canceled. I only kept it to up our credit score so it wasn’t a big deal.


I have a disney card, I always pay the balance off each month, unless we do the disney trips and have the 6 months to pay off (then I pay the whole balance on the 5th month) I have a credit limit of 11,000 at 9.9% and DH has a card credit limit 10,500 9.24%

I had one card cancelled this past year because I hadn’t used it for about 7 years. I don’t have a balance on any credit cards. I pay the balance off each month if I do use them.


We also pay off the card every month and have had the card since 2004. We have a $21,700 limit with a 10.15% interest. I know I should pay a whole lot more attention to changes in the card but I don’t because we have always paid the balance every month. I think the interest has gone up slightly in the last year, but not much. I think it was at 9% or something like that. Interesting that it’s so variable among customers.


Our story is about the same as everyone else’s. $12000 limit, pay off every month. Do the people whose credit line was reduce use their card on a regular basis or for your son is this his first card? I am sure they can always ask for an increase in their credit line.


he has several cards with 8,000 on 2 of them zero balance…onall doesn’t carry it over…when he called chase he got some mumbo jumbo,that evreyone was getting letters …who knows …but my neigbhor is the most interesting 820 …no balances raised interest rate from 7.99…to 17.99…I know if no balance …who cares but if you have an emergency for what ever raeson you are now stuck at that rate …also if they close an account that you haven’t used they are in effect reducing your credit score which others pick up on and use as excuse to change your terms ,…but I live in ca maybe geography has something to do with it…but the fed passed new rules governing crdit card companies from some of these practices …but if you can believe this they take AFFECT in july of 2010…if the practices are unfair why the grace period…well enough about this we are now officially 6 weeks away from our trip …cannot wait…hooooraaaaa


With all this business with the bank bailouts, it makes me sick! Just another way to push around the American public…and their wallets!


i see you are a POR fan we have been staying there for 19 years …and we also are DVC members…the american public needs to wake up…before these guys ruin our kids futures irrevocably


Yes, I absolutely love POR and have been thinking about buying in to DVC as well…probably in the next year or so!

No joke…isn’t it funny that they don’t ask us how we feel about the whole thing? I am so sick of Washington and the de-regulation driven economic slump!


this is about jobs and income…which has been happening for about 10 years ,it was covered up and hidden by the real estate bubble…when that deck collapsed …it all came home exporting jobs and industries and greed …it will take sometime to fix …but I am a disney fan I BELIEVE IN MAGIC


6 weeks to the magic …at least some well earned fun…


Yikes!!! I better check the mail to see if mine is getting raised too. I know my capital one just got raised from 2.85% to 9.99%.

Have a great time on your trip…We enjoy staying at POR too :flowers:


[QUOTE=Dawn;940028]Yikes!!! I better check the mail to see if mine is getting raised too. I know my capital one just got raised from 2.85% to 9.99%.

Have a great time on your trip…We enjoy staying at POR too :flowers:[/QUOTE]

You had an interest rate of 2.85%? Was that a special promo rate?


We were just notified that our interest rate will be going up and I therefore don’t plan on using the card as often.


I got one myself and my credit limit was around $800. I had another Chase CC which had a zero balance and called Customer Service to cancel the non Disney card. They offered to transfer the available credit from the non Disney card over to the Disney card.


We had our disney visa interest increased from 9.24 to 14.99 they said in a letter they where in the process of going thru and evaluating all there interest rates for the cardholders. At least that is what they told me when I called an talked to them about it.


My first post. This really makes me mad so I had to reply.

I have 3 Disney credit cards - I use 2 for some small business expenses and one for personal. I always pay the balance. My credit score in nearly 800. One had a 25,000 limit and the other two were at least 15,000 (can’t remember exactly). Last fall, I paid the balance on the 25,000 limit one in full and the bank mis-entered the amount. By the next month I was not only received a late fee because they mis-entered the amount under the minimum, but they added interest on the entire balance. When I called, they had reduced my limit because I didn’t pay the minimum and said they just sent a letter which I received about a week later. I got the problem interest and late fee taken off but they would not increase my limit. In addition at the same time, they reduced both limits on my other 2 cards. I’m pretty sure the interest rate was increased as well, but that doesn’t make a difference since I always pay it off.

My friend just today had the exact same problem with Chase. They mis-entered her paid amount and charged interest and a late fee. Her husband just “retired early” from Chase last month.

Since, I pay my credit card at Chase and check the receipt. This is ridiculous!