Disney Rewards Dollars


Has anyone ever used the Disney Rewards Dollars??
We have some Rewards Dollars loaded on a card and I’m not sure how to use them for tickets to WDW. Do I need to wait till I’m there and purchase at the gate or can I order online with this thing? Do I have to go thru a WDW site? Can I still get the discount from the Disney Visa?


I have used the rewards dollars at the Beach Club to upgrade my park ticket. It was really easy. I would imagine that you can use it over the phone if not online if you wanted to purchase your tickets before you get there. And yes I do think it has to be related to WDW as the rewards card looks similar to a gift card.

Only bad part though is you do not get the points on your accrual when you use the rewards card.


Not sure about internet choices, but I purchased my last annual pass at MK with a combo of my Disney rewards, Disney gift cards and cash. Just plopped the cards on the counter, and the cm processed.


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I’ve used the reward dollars to purchase items from the online Disney store, however we usually use them to purchase our meals and souvenirs at WDW. I believe they can also be used toward trip packages but I’m not sure how that works.
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They can be used just like a regular credit card anywhere Disney except for a few of the carts around The World. I was told you can now use them online too- for sure at Disney.com shopping. I have not tried though! The CM said there is a spot on the online payment page to choose your payment type and you check DDR.
There is another recent thread that talks about using them to your advantage when paying at Disney…
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I just purchased my tickets via phone for an upcoming trip using my Disney Reward Dollars. I still have some money let that I will use for dinners while at Disney.


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I’ll be looking at the checkouts online for the DRD option, or just wait and purchase at the gate.
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