Disney Rewards Visa Card


Took my first trip to Disney World last September. Fell in love with it. Am going back next January. What are the perks of the Disney Visa card? Is there an annual fee? How do the points work? Thanks for any info.


If you don’t want to use the credit card, did you know that Chase also has a Disney Rewards debit card? For every $200 you spend on non-pin purchases you get $1 Disney Reward Dollar. I LIVE on my debit card & never have cash because my paycheck gets Direct Deposited, so I get a TON of Disney Reward Dollars every month just from debit.

As far as the Chase Disney Rewards Credit Card goes, I’ve been a cardholder since day 1 & I’ve never had an annual fee. It’s my only major credit card & I try to avoid using it at all costs, I do much better with the debit rewards.


We have the Visa CC and love it. Like Wishy said no fees. It’s also are only CC.
For every $100.00 you spend you get a Disney Reward Dollar, to spend.
I also think that it’s free apr for the first 6 months.
You also get Promotional Pins for WDW, LOVE that!


I didn’t realize there was a Disney Chase debit card. Maybe I need to look into switching my checking account.

I have the credit card and love it! We have mostly used our rewards dollars for our kids’ spending money.


I think the debit card has a $25 annual fee…and you have to have a Chase checking account.


We also have the Disney Visa CC, and use it for several things, just pay it off at the end of the month. It’s our only major card, and I like that we get a little bit back in rewards. We usually use it at World of Disney on souvenirs.


We’ve had the Disney Visa Card for about six years now and use it exclusively for EVERYTHING. The tip is to pay it off at the end of the month so you don’t pay interest. We’ve used the reward dollars as our food and souvenir budget every trip we’ve taken to WDW. It works great for us!


I am glad that you asked this question disneykid. We have never had a credit card and have been wary of annual fees. It sounds like the perfect deal for us. Have the bills set to be paid by the card and then pay the card off each month. Then, enjoy the rewards! :mickey:


I’m sure we could find a card with a lower interest rate but it doesn’t really matter if the card is paid off every month. We don’t use the card a lot but we usually end up with a couple hundred dollars every year so it’s worth it for us.


PLUS, if you pay for your disney vacation on your Disney Visa you get 0% APR on that purchase for (I think) 6 months.


What my better half said. We use ours mostly for things we are monthly repeating expenses {gasoline, YMCA membership, etc} and don’t carry a balance, so the interest is not a big deal for us, even though they have jacked up the rates ridiculously lately.


[COLOR=“Indigo”]But it does matter if you don’t pay it off at the end of the month.
By paying the card off every month, I pay Chase NOTHING for the use of the card and I get FREE cash to spend on property as an additional reward.

When you pay interest, you are paying Chase for the use of their card and you are paying them more than you are earning in Disney dollars which means you are not earning free Disney cash.[/COLOR]