Disney Rewards


Does anyone participate in any of the Disney Rewards programs, if so what are your favorites?


We have a Disney Visa and use the accumulated points toward our Disney tripsl


Same here. We gave all of the points to the boys to spend as they saw fit on our last trip. They loved it and so did we :happy:


Does anyone do any of the rewards programs that offer gift cards, etc. I was looking for a few new ones to do (especially the ones that reward disney gc or dollars. Thanks.


I’d love to hear about additional Rewards programs, too! I only participate in Disney Rewards through the Disney Visa when there’s a bonus offer.


We put our trip on the card for points last year and got enough for 4 resort mugs.


points = disney dollars = beer


I cashed mine in a couple years ago for coupons for Disney Videos. The saved last years for points and used a DW. I had about $250. It was great!


The only program I know of is the Disney Visa- what others are there??


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Better than nothing.


Boss Mouse,

Have you been talking to my DH???

Dont forget, beer = less stressful trip = happy Daddy


Whoops, I dunno what happened, but I meant to quote the beer post … not your mugs. Sorry for being confuzzling!


Sorry for the delay, we are in the middle of a major remodel of our whole house and it has been crazy! my access to the computer has been iffy at best and my kids our about to make me crazy! Sorry, had to vent.

For about 2 yrs. I have done mypoints and have received a few gift cards from them, not really worth it for the time. Recently, I joined sunshine and treasure tropers. You can complete surveys, ads, shopping, disney trivia etc. and get points (which equal dollars) which can be paid by paypal or disney gc or disney dollars.

These will take you to the sign up page,

Sunshine Reward
Earn Rewards for Reading Email, Shopping, and Surfing at Sunshine Rewards

Treasure Trooper
TreasureTrooper - Make money, get paid for completing offers, incentives, product trials, surveys

I have made some extra disney spending cash doing this, hope it helps. I know of a few other ones if anynoe is interested, however, you can only complete one offer, one time, on one site. Same thing with surveys, so these are the ones that I felt where most worth it.


Really? :huh: I have been with MyPoints since 1999 and have earned over $1000 in rewards. I just click thru the emails and use the site to make purchases if the store is registered with them. It doesn’t take me long, everyday I get anywhere from 1 to 5 emails and the points just keep adding up.

Once, I even purchased 2 cruises through the Travelocity site during a point special they were running and earned over $100 in points, instantly. Then they took the offer off the next day. :laugh:

I bought Macy’s cards with some of my rewards and got my new Dyson sweeper that I love. Then I cashed in some to get gas cards, $250. Also, I cashed is some for gift cards for Christmas gifts one year.

I think I’ll check out your sites too. What the heck, its just more rewards!
I especially like the Disney Dollar option.:happy:

How long have you been with these sites?


No problem!




I have been for a few months now and the points are adding up! With mypoints to you just click the emails they send you are do you shop through them also? I saw they had a rainforrest cafe gc, figured that would be good for our next trip!


I use TT as well, which is going to my Disney fund. On top of that, I use Boomertowne (rewards are Visa gift card), Gather (cash reward), Netwinner (Mastercard gift cards), Associated Content (cash reward), and a few other places.

Those are going towards our spending cash for Disney. With the gift cards, they all have expiration dates or fees, so I am just going to flat out buy Disney gift cards with them.

They are a way I can help out with the budget, as a stay at home mom. Last year, I made over $2500 online doing sites like these- without buying anything or using credit cards for anything.


I’ve been doing Netwinner also, I had forgot that one. How have you done with it?