Disney Rewards...Earn 5x Disney Dream Rewards Dollars!


So…anyone else get this offer? I got it last week sometime. I read on another board that some were getting it, some were not. And all of the offers were different! Strange…

My offer is:


In order to participate, you have to call the number or go online to to activate it.


WOW!! 5X that’s awesome! I didn’t get the offer yet. Just when I’m trying to pay off my cc’s, here comes temptation to charge, charge, charge!! What’s a girl to do??


We have received that before, but it has never been above 2 or 3X the points. 5 is pretty awesome! Especially when it is on items you have to buy anyway.


Hmm, I never got this offer!!! That is an awesome amount of rewards points potential. I am trying not to use my CC at all but would it work if I charged to get the points then immediately transfered the cash from my checking account to the credit card payment online? Or does the charge have to sit on your account for a period of time?


I never got this offer either… do you have a phone number


do you have the link?


I got rid of my disney card because I had issues with them and the intrest rate- my only poor credit reporting in 10 years was by them- I had paid off the account and they charged a fee after the date and so I thought it was all gone and they held a balance for 3 months without telling me so a remaining balance of about $10 turned into over $100 of late fees and a bad reporting- no thanks!


I got this offer a last month. It came in the mail and had a code you had to enter before you could enroll. I’ve been using the the card for everything trying to save up some Disney money for June.

I think mine said you had to charge $600 before the 5% kicked in.


CLEAN out your MB mail box maybe?!?!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

I haven’t seen this one yet. That would make the D Visa much better deal. Frankly, the rewards points are sucky. I only got one for the $75 card they offered as DVC member to signup. Never use it. I get 1-5% cash on my AMEX and 5% towards new car on my GM card, and when I put 35k miles a year on a car you KNOW I’m always getting new car every few years.


I have stated this many times, but we charge everything on our Disney Visa. I mean, gas, groceries, utilities, you name it! We use it instead of cash, then pay it off in full each month. We do this solely to earn the rewards $$. We usually earn enough to pay for souvenirs & food. It works out great for us. BUT… the key is to PAY IT OFF MONTHLY… to stay out of trouble!:wink:


Ditto!! The reward dollars pay for all of our food. :happy:


Oh, I’d like the number, too, if someone has it!!


I have never gotten the 5X rewards before, only the Double Your Points Offer. I don’t think getting the telephone number from someone else will work - as my mom tried to call with my code and number for her card and was told that she couldn’t use it.


Dang. Oh well, maybe we’ll get lucky in the near future and get one of those offers!


My guess is that they won’t offer it to people who use the card alot. We charge everything to it as well (and trust me- we can charge!) They are probably trying to promote more charging by people who are casual users.


I got the same offer, for gas and groceries ect. Last year we had 220 reward dollars. We’re up to $144 already this year and were not going again until Nov. I hope to get 3 table service meals covered by them before we go.


Boo, I did not get this deal. Oh, well, I still love my Disney Visa. My points are paying for 2 nights at WL. :happy:


Hey, guys! The number to call to opt in is:


I would try to call even if you didn’t get the offer. Hey, ya never know!

For what it’s worth, I don’t use my Disney card much at all. Until I got this offer, anyway!


:ohmy: Ok, it’s cleaned out now!! :laugh:


I got the same offer a few days ago. It’s great, but we just returned from WDW and my Disney Visa is almost maxed out. Maybe I could squeeze a few more purchases before my husband finds out.