Disney ringback tones?


Hi all…
was wondering, is there any way or does anyone know if there is a way to make your own Disney ring-back tone?
I have att and their selection stinks!!!
Any info would be great, thank you


Try Myxer.com


for ringback tones??


I am no sure if they have them or not. Was just suggesting you check them as they have a great selection.


I’m sure I’m going to look stupid for asking this but what is a ringback tone? I know what a ring tone is but I’ve never heard of a ringback tone.


It plays to the caller instead of a ring you hear music until they pick up or voicemail picks up. For some reason I get really bothered if I can’t hear a ring - lol, but I might change my mind if it was a Disney tune.


lol i love them because people always tell me they sing the song all day long, i had its a small world for my ringback tone and my daughters softball coach was cracking up and he told me how much he loves disney and we just started chatting about disney, he said the song was stuck in his head the whole day.:whistling


Thank you!!
I did check them out, unfort. they don’t have the ring back tones, i honestly think its just the subscriber of your cell phone plan that does it, oh well:wink: