Disney ringtones


Ok, so after more than 3 years I finally got a new cell phone, however, I lost all my Disney stuff on my old phone and I’m sad. We have AT&T and I can’t find a lot of Disney stuff for my phone. On my old phone I had Mickey Mouse wallpaper and a few Disney ringtones I just loved.

Does anyone have a good website to get Disney graphics and ringtones?


I get my ringtones and wallpapers from a website called Myxer - Download Ringtones and More it’s free for most of the ringtones and wallpapers, you just have to register and have a phone that will download them. You can read on the website to see if it’ll work on your phone.


Thanks, I’m off to check it out now.


Good luck! I have more ringtones than contacts now because of that site! You can download 10 a day, it’s awesome!


Thanks for posting this site…I love it!!!


I only have one disney ringtone…lol Sprint has a few, but the one I chose is “a dream is a wish your heart makes”. I never venture outside the sprint site for ring and call tones.


I signed up and sent a ringtone to my phone but never got it. Oh well!


Sometimes it takes a while, every once in a while you have to send it again. But it’s free so what the heck!


I usually don’t either but I got a block on my phone where I can’t get any texts that they charge me for so I knew for sure these were free. There’s no way I’d pay for all those rings! I’d owe a $2469076534356 phone bill by now!


I just love Disney ringtones. I have “It’s a Small World” for all incoming calls and my mom likes Ariel so when she calls me I hear “Under the Sea”.


Hi Steph,I like to use 3gforfree.com :: Choose a version But I dont do it from a computer I use it directly from my cell for its free. I have little mermaid and some others but I love it. I also have a tinkerbell wall paper.


Thanks for that link, Pu.
I got me some Junglebook. King Luie (sp?) I wanna be like youhoohooo, shoobidushubidoo,heeheehee


No problem! I have more ringtones than I know what to do with now!


Pumouse, Thank you so much for the link! I have downloaded like 20 different ringtones to my phone already. I absolutely love some of the ringtones from the parks. I have Soarin’ as my main ringtone and It’s a Big Blue World as my voice mail alert. I want to download more and more:happy:
What a fantastic site!


Ok, I’ve sent my phone several ringtones but I can’t get them to load now. My DH called and it seems there’s something that didn’t get set right. Every time I try to get the ringtone the phone tries to connect but it can’t. I hate this stuff when it doesn’t work right.


You are so welcome! I can’t believe I was paying $3 for each ringtone before!:blink:


Oh no . . . I feel a second addiction coming on!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Thanks for the link . . .

(first being mousebuzz of course!)


DW and I both have downloaded things form the AT&T/Cingular site. DW has a Tink wallpaper and I have the POTC ride music


I have downloaded Disney stuff from At&T as well. I have Tink wallpaper and Mickey Mouse Club as one of my ring tones. I have got to go look at the site that Pu recommended though!


Yea, we finally have the phones set up right and I can download ringtones. I got the two I sent yesterday and now need more. Thanks for the links.