Disney Rituals/traditions?


Just curious for all of you that are “lucky” enough to return often…are there any rituals that you just have to do when you make your trip? Like, you have to have a Micky Bar during the Parade or you have to stay on a certain schedule or reside in one resort only. Seems I see this in a lot of posts where there are some deep rooted traditions embedded in the Disney experience, so I thought I’d ask :slight_smile:


I have to go the the Magic Kingdom first. I don’t feel like I am at WDW if I don’t see the castle, so it’s always our first park. Once we get there I don’t care what we do first. We also have to eat dinner at 'Ohana once during our stay.


at disneyland we always ride on the train all the way around then we exit at toon town and go to fantasyland.


The only traditional thing we do is to take the train around MK as soon as we get there. We go fully around, then come back and start down Main St. The rest is totally up in the air.


Family Tradition - eating at Sci-Fi

My tradition - 1 Mickey Ice cream bar per day !!


Hoop de doo is a must do each trip for us, as is chef Mickey’s for Breakfast.


I’m a real stickler when it comes to the first two days…don’t ask me why??? :rolleyes: But it has to go as follows:

First day:
check into resort
take pictures of resort/explore
eat dinner at 'Ohana
shop at DTD

Second day:
MK at open
Splash Mountain first!
MGM in the afternoon
Epcot in the evening

And on the last day, before we head to the airport, we have to eat brunch at Chef Mickey’s and explore other Disney resorts. :heart:

Those are just my little quirks. They are the traditions I have held since my first trip 5 years ago…so I just HAVE to do them each time.


We’ve been several times now and we’re still trying to find new things to do each trip.

We do like to eat at the R&C for Illuminations and we have to go to Ohanas once. That’s about it for traditions for us.


We always ride the carousel. It is very sentimental to our family because it was originally in an amusement park here in NJ. My mom used to ride it with her grandmother so needless to say she wells up when she rides it with her grandkids. Also the TTA is a must, we still think of it as the Wedway Peoplemover.


I have a couple of traditions

Definately one Mickey bar on my trip , a dole whip at the magic kingdom, a character meal , riding tower of terror and rock and roll roller coaster first when I am in MGM eating at Ohanas


First this my mom and I always do when we get to Disneyland is ride the DLRailroal all around the park. Then we go for breakfast and have Mickey Mouse Waffles at Carnation Cafe. Usually then we spend a loooong time looking at the window displays in the Empourium.


MK and 'Ohana on our first day there – always always! And for some reason, the Haunted Mansion is always our first ride, though we never plan it like that… .


Our family traditions are as follows:

  1. Check in first, usually in the early afternoon
  2. Get lunch, most likely at the Kona Cafe when staying at the Poly
  3. Go to MK
  4. When in MK, buy a bucket of popcorn
    It doesn’t really matter what ride the family wants to go on first (aahem…POC). We would usually go on as many rides as we can as long as there is a minimal wait.
  5. We also do a decent amount of shopping in the MK so we won’t have to carry bags around when on rides.
  6. First full day is at the MK from opening, and renting a locker for storing the things we buy.
  7. Lastly, we have to do Chef Mickey’s for dinner and have recently added 1900 Park Fair for dinner.
  8. I shouldn’t commit to this yet, but I think we are getting spoiled and have made staying at the Poly a must. We used to love the POR, but haven’t been too happy with the food court in the last several years, and besides, staying at a Monorail resort is a blessing with young kids.



PiratesFan, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has some pretty specific traditions! :happy:

  1. First day at Epcot
  2. First meal - lunch at Garden Grill (good thing I am not going to WDW while the Land is closed!)
  3. New tradition started last trip - More than one meal at Earl of Sandwich!! Yummmmm…
  4. 2nd day is 1/2 AK 1/2 DTD…always to the Disney days of Christmas store first
  5. Last park is always MK…I save the best for last.


We have so many rituals, I think we might be obsessive-compulsive…

We always go to MGM first and right ToT and then RnR. (DD always recites along with the the entire pre-ride show with Aerosmith and their agent, etc. She’s annoying at times, you know - lol) We also get a FastPass at ToT for later. Also at MGM, we always go to the little bakery/coffee shop next to Sci-Fi and get those HUGE Rice Krispies Treats (covered in chocolate – mmmmmm). And we always have at least one meal (sometimes more) at Sci Fi Drive-In. Best burgers and shakes in WDW, I think! We also always visit the “Disney Villains” candy store at MGM. Our kids are no longer little, but that was always a favorite stop for them and they still like it (son is now 22 and daughter is 19).

At MK, we always go the Space Mountain first, then hop the train at Toontown and ride it all the way back around to Main Street USA. Then it’s a casual walk down Main Street, a left to Adventureland and DOLE WHIPS. (It must all be in that order. After that, we’re free to do as we desire). Also, we always visit the bakery for some more of those Rice Krispies Treats (detect a trend here?) and we always eat at least one meal at Pinnochio’s Villagehaus and try to get a table near the windows so we can watch the poor souls going into IASW (“mooooaw-hahahaha!”).

At Epcot, we use the “side” entrance near the UK area and always visit that area first. We always eat at least one meal per trip at Rose & Crown (the steak and prawns is to die for) and at least one meal at LeCellier in Canada. We started a new tradition last trip. We may switch to riding Mission: Space first thing and then grabbing a Fastpass for it. It’s my new favorite WDW ride!

In fact, we have made pledge that this next trip (just over a month away – haaa haaaaa!), we will do at least one new thing every day. One thing I know we are going to do is parasailing! I don’t know how we’ll fit something new into our day (lol), what with all our rituals. (I feel like “Monk.”)

:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


My DD and I always go to MGM our first day and ride RnR first. Our trip begins with S>Tyler doing his countdown and hitting that first kick butt loop. We always eat breakfast at the CP on our MK day. We usually end our trip at MGM too with RnR, but this year we are doing something different and breaking that tradition for the first time in years.


Ohh this a an awesome thread…
Here and DBF’s and I’s traditions…

  1. We always hold hands when we are walking under the bridge thingy into MK.
  2. On our last night at MGM (or any night that we close down MGM) we buy McDonalds frech fries from Fiarfax fries on Hollywood Blvd. and sit on one of the benches and watch the people file out from Fantasmic!


Monorail ride first evening in Orlando, even if WDW isn’t our first planned activity or we’re staying off-site.


Caver, that’s cool that you always ride the monorail no matter what!!

But…um, that avatar is creeeeeepy. shudders