Disney Rock Garden


I have an area that I am going to do a rock garden - without any plants. I think I want to have these guys and more sometime. Who needs plants.


Would anyone have a guess as to how long these might be on sale? I have my 10% off from the Cars game but still getting all of them really adds up.


Wow those are cute.

I have no idea. But I see what you mean about it adding up.


They are awfully cute Julie, just go and get them, who knows how many they have. I want to see pictures of the finished rock garden!!!


They’ve been that price for a while now. There are no guarantees though…the disneyshopping.com is not as nice as they used to be with retro price matches and such. I would call cust service and ask them if the sale price is going to be set for a while. My experience with asking questions has always been positive!


Well, I opted for just 3 statues - Mickey, Donald (my fav) and Pluto. They are very nice but a bit smaller than I would have liked. They will go in the garden (which will probably take a long time to do) but I wanted to recommend them for in the home as well. If you have a Disney room or decor shelf they would look great and are a really good price for that sort of thing. They are really nicely painted an don’t really look like they belong outside!


Very cool!

I’d like to hear more about your rock garden!


You can’t kill a rock garden, can ya? Sounds perfect for me… :laugh:

Are these on sale or on clearance? If they’re on clearance then they’ll stay at the lower price until they sell out or until they lower the price again…


The statues I think are on sale not clearance.

Erin, here is a picture of what I am going for minus the cactus. I really don’t want and living stuff, just stones and whatever Disney deco I can add through time.