DISNEY ROOM! ... help!


I am moving on April 1st and i need to figure out what I want to do with my room!!! I want to make it Disney themed but i don’t know what to dk!! I love Peter pan, but I love all movies !! I am 16 but i don’t care if my room looks like a 5 year olds room, Hahah! Please help any ideas

So far I was thinking something like the toy story mania queue, or the skyline of london with Peter pan!

If anybody knows where I can find good furniture, good murals, or accessories anything help me !!


I like the stick on things you can get for walls so you do not have to paint.

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Ahhh! That’s exciting! I always love making over my room! Recently, my sister just moved out, so we switched rooms around and I got her room, which is a lot bigger than my old room, and my brother took my older room.

So, I’m definitely trying to redo my room to! And I’m 19, and my room DOES look like a 5 year olds room! haha.

I wanted to go a little more, sophisticated on this time around, I wanted to decorate my room the way like an Imagineer would, instead of just a fan. If that makes sense? lol.

I was thinking like, a sleeping beauty motif. Or also Peter Pan. I’m not sure yet!

I love your Peter Pan idea! And the TSM would be adorable as well! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


I like your ideas, especially Peter Pan with the London skyline. I’m sure your room will turn out great, and when it’s finished I hope you post pictures so we can all see the end result.


My vote goes to the Peter Pan skyline!! If you were local I’d totally paint the mural in your room. :laugh:

If you’re not sure about your own painting skills (but I beleive in you!) you could investigate simple silhouette shapes. Get big sheets of black poster board and find a way to ‘blow up’ dynamic poses of Pan. Transfer the outline to the poster, stick it to your wall, and BAM! You have Peter’s shadow! =)


The skyline would be an awesome idea, but instead of using full out and out colour sticks on’s of the characters flying across the tower, just have them blacked out and silhouetted. Still the peter pan charm but a little more sophisticated. Another idea would be to takr your favorite quote or passage from the film and have it painted onto the wall, maybe above your bed with some detailing and ‘pixie dust’ around it. There are some great online tutorials and youtube videos for this.

Post pictures once you’ve done it!