Disney Scrapbook Memorbilia pockets


Hi I wanted to share these scrapbook pockets I made, the tutorial for the Magic Kingdom one is on my blog. I took a picture of my son in front of each of the parks icon and added it to the layout. In each pocket I put in postcards, reciepts, maps, anything from the day.

This one I like the best.


These are great!! What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing :wub:


FABULOUS idea!!! My 2010 scrapbook will have these in them! Thanks for posting!


WOW!!! I love it!! I never thought to put pockets on pages. What a great idea!!

The Animal Kingdom one is my favorite too! :happy:


Wow, what a geat idea! Your scrapbook looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Ohhhh this is beautiful !!!


Love, love, love this idea!!! They are beautiful and handy!!! Great job!


Thanks everyone. I finished my 2009 pictures and I have 5 albums (combo of Universal and Disney) I hope to get them in a slideshow on my blog soon.


Nice art work you have here. Really love the idea and would really love to make on of those… heheh I’ll post some of my works once Im done. Cheers!


Beautiful designs. Nice job. :smile: