Disney skin for my laptop


just have to share, lol
i had about 2100 disney movie points so i just ordered a SKIN for my laptop
got an old fashion mickey:mickey:…when i put it on i will post a pic.
the skin alone was 29.99, something i would have never spent money on, but i got it for free (well not really if you think about all the DVD’s I had to buy to get points, lol)

i have 1200 points left, not sure if i want to use it for a skin for DD’s DS game or for my cell phone…
DD already has a skin but i know she would love a disney one…what to do what to do, lol

just wanted to share, its the little things that make me happy


I am saving up for one of the tours :slight_smile:


you must have alot of points so far, those tours are mega points, aren’t they?

good luck!!!


I have like 6500 points so far, slowly going up, lol


wow your good, i would have had close to 3500 but i spent most of it on the kids, lol
sleeping bags, etc.
good luck