Disney Sleigh Bell Ornaments


Though this was a really cute set of collectibles, and the price is pretty affordable… in case anyone is interested, here is the link to the website where I found them! I think I will order them for the tree…

Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Christmas Sleigh Bells…


They are cute MissDis. Are you going to order some for your special Christmas person too?:ph34r:


Very cute!!!


THose are adorable… thanks for the link!


Too cute! I never heard of that website and they have some nicely priced stuff!


Oh I love those! They are soo cute! thanks for the link!!


Oh, those are adorable. They look so detailed. Are they small like little jingle bells?

Just noticed in the link that they’re 3 1/2" high.


I love the one with the snowman. Very cute.


They are adorable Miss D., the snowman one is very cute.


Oh those really are cute!


They are gorgeous…I will have to see about getting them.


That would be me and I already received my ornaments from MissDisney. Though those bell ornaments are cute, I like mine better.:wub:


Aw, Rules, that’s so nice! I loooooove those mercury glass ornaments! I have them all over my tree! I wanted to share my passion for them with you, and I am glad you liked them!