Disney song


Does anyone know the song that was used when you launched the website in around 2004-2006. I was our favorite and I can’t find it. I know this is a tough question but maybe someone else has it. I have my fingers crossed.


This website or Disney’s? Ooh er give us more clues ( or me at least would love to help if able)


It was the Disney world website. It was just background music but you would feel excited every time you logged on


Ah ok thanks T


Was it the song taken from the Peter Pan soundtrack? It was titled “Flying” and it came from the 2003 movie soundtrack and it was composed by James Newton Howard. It is available on Amazon.com.


No, “Flying” was used when they launched the Year of A Million Dreams in 2007.

I think I know the song you’re talking about - it’s on my 2004 DVD and planning CD, but I have no idea what the name is! It’s also been used for other non-Disney purposes… I’ve heard the song on other commercials/advertisements and recognize it!


After the “Remember the Magic” intro, listen to the music (starts at :50) - is this the song you’re referring to???


Thanks everyone. That’s not it. My husband said it was when you opened the website they also had a trail of pixie dust follow your mouse if tha helps


No idea! :laugh:


thanks for trying


I tried but unable to find out the first song of the Disney. If you find please share with us at this place.


I might have it, but I do not know how to attach a music file on here. If someone can provide instructions, I will be glad to share.


OMG!! I am freakin out I have been looking for this for about 2 weeks I have my fingers crossed. Can you email it to me? or give me the name and I can search it?

Thanks Thanks so much for looking


I really hope it is what you are looking for. I recorded it off the Disney website several years ago. PM me with your e mail address and I will send it to you. Fingers crossed this is what you want.


ok I found it! I got a call from Disney and Jim played 3 songs for me but they were not it. Then I started thinking about what the campaign was and youtubed the Happiest Celebration on Earth and found this. The song we were looking for is at :40 seconds in. Not sure if anyone else remembers it. I called Jim back as soon as i found it and he said it was just for the campaign and he wasn’t sure if he had it but he will email it if he finds it. I am sure he is very busy and he took his time out to help me. Another reason why Disney is so amazing.

2003 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video - In HD - Part 1/4.mpg - YouTube