Disney Souvenears


I was asked for these links, so I thought I would post the links for everyone! You use your mouse to make a beard, do math, shake the snowglobe, pull the string… you know.


Mickey Magnaface

Mickey Pullamabob

Mickey Snowglobe

Mickey Addemupulator

Mickey Mindmakerupper


Oh we spent hours playing on those when we first saw them! Thanks for posting!


Those are great MissDisney, thanks. I have some issues that I’m on the fence about, I’ll be sure to ask the mindmakerupper


Thanks! I keep reminding myself to go back and download them. Everytime I go there, one or two are always “out of stock” or “coming soon” - they’re always the ones I want! Like the sticky notes and all. But I think now I’ll finally have them all.


Thanks for the links MissDisney! I put 'em all on my desktop!