Disney Souvenirs


What are some of your favorite Disney souvenirs? Is it a pin, a t-shirt, mouse ears?

My favorite is a pair of Minnie antennae, that light up. :mickey:


Those are cute Kitty! One of my favorites is the bride minnie and groom mickey that my brother bought for me when my DH and I were married.


Roomie and I got some Christmas mouse ears last December that are red with snowflakes on the ears–super cute! But my favorite souvenirs are the prints we have of 2 David E. Doss paintings (see www.davidedoss.com).


Mine would have to be either my Viking hat from Epcot or my Cinderella dress.


Well, I for one think that we need to see a picture to decide. I’m imagining Cinderella wearing a viking helmet. :laugh:


I love antenna balls. I am getting in a habbit of buying a new one every time we go, and thats alot :wink:


I know this is going to sound hokey, but my favorite souvenirs are the photos that we took throughout our trip. I love looking at them. A year later I can still feel the air, smell the smells, and hear the sounds around me when I look at them.

I told you it was going to sound hokey.



Not hokey at all :flowers:


My wooden Mickey head shaped napkin holder that’s always on my kitchen table. We bought it on our honeymoon almost 12 years ago, & it still looks great!


Yeah, me, too!!! They’re so cool, aren’t they?


oh gosh, what would me favourite be??? that is a really hard question!
Lame, but I ALWAYS go for the bigger popcorn/cocoa/pop/slush so I can get that souvenir case, I just love those :tongue: hee hee


Every trip to WDW or DL I choose a special ornament for our Christmas tree. I’d have to say, going into the Christmas store and picking one out has probably become one of my favorite parts of the trip.


DEFINITELY my favorite is my refrigerator magnet shaped like the monorail!!! When you press the button, it says all the stuff they say on the monorail recording!!! Including “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas!”

It makes me smile every single day!!! :tongue:


We do this, too. No matter where we go on a vacation, we always buy a Christmas ornament. It’s fun to reminisce when we decorate the tree!


HB & I always get something special for the house every trip. Last time we got a clock from the Wilderness Lodge…and needless to say…my favorite souvenirs are pins.


Madam Leota.
And I was very fortunate that HM cameras did not get a clear shot of me. I would not try this a second time (Besides, what’s the point, since the fake Madam Leota replacement isn’t as good.)

I keep ML on the kitchen counter. Of course, she won’t shut up. :rolleyes:


Memories. :slight_smile:



It sounds trite, but I agree 100 percent! Also, the pics and videos (especially when our kids were quite a bit younger) are great. Seems funny, but we always kinda fight off the temptation to go crazy buying “stuff.”

I think the best actual souvenirs are the refillable mugs we always buy at our resort. Every morning when I drink my coffee, whatever mug I’m using conjures up memories from that particular resort. (As I type this, I am actually drinking coffee from a Typhoon Lagoon refillable that I bought three or four trips ago…


Hahah, that voice just replayed itself in my head. If you ride the monorail a lot even on just one trip, you never forget that voice.


Hands down, my new favorite is the Mr. Potato Head with all the Disney parts. I hope they continue to make new parts. They are so cute!!!

Not to thread hijack but I have a question - when did they start printing Walt Disney World AND Disneyland on the souvenirs? I am sure this is a money saving ploy but when did this start??