Disney speech!


I just got back from my public speaking class where I delivered a narrative speech focused around my WDWCP experience! Boy was I nervous! I never thought my hands could shake so much when I’m talking about something I share freely everyday! :noo: It was so hard to condense everything to 5 minutes, but I ended up finishing in 3.

I think almost everyone liked it too! Their only complaint was that I wasn’t loud enough. Here’s hoping I got a good grade! :happy:


Good luck on that note. Can kinda relate to ya. I’m a guest speaker today telling 7th and 8th grade kids my experiences at WDW. Kids came up asking for my autograph! Not Goofy’s! Yay!


That’s awesome, Rowdy!!


If a Disney speech doesn’t deserve some Pixie Dust for a good grade, I don’t know what does!

******* Pixie Dust *********


Prayers for mah girl Screeverriific!!


Congrats to both of you for your speeches! Screever, I’m sure you did great, how could you not with Disney as the topic? But I’ll send some Pixie dust your way just in case!


Here’s some pixie dust for you Screever! I am sure you earned a very good grade!



I got a 95 on my speech!! I only got points deducted for an unclear thesis in my conclusion and for not looking up at the audience enough. But YAY!!

Even a girl in my illustration class told me she heard about my speech, apparently her bf is in my speech class. Oh happy day!


Congrats! That’s good news!


Thats great new!! Good job!


Way to go Screever! That’s great news!!


Congratulations!!! :mickey:


Congrats! As a former speech teacher myself, I know how critical us ol’ coots can be. A 95 on a speech that came up two minutes short? It must have been filled with fabulous content.

BTW: What’s your major? (Just curious)


Congrats! Disney is an easy topic for all us disney nuts!


Twas not two minutes short…did I say that? :eek: Ooops. Oh well. Thanks for the kind words!

My major is Illustration, I’m enrolled in an art school, but there are some of us artists who have to talk about their work coherently, so… :dry: It’s not my favorite subject but it seems I’m getting through it okay so far!