Disney Stock


Anyone have a stock certificate and how do you buy them ??? Would be a great gift for our Anniversary or for me on Fathers Day !!!:happy:


Oneshare.com sells one share and has it registered for you. Easy but a little more expensive. Otherwise, call a broker in your area and have them purchase as many shares as you want. There will still be a registration fee to put it into a physical certificate.


Thanks Cap’n … Wasn’t Jingles in those Pirate Movies ???:laugh:


I was thinking of getting my 401k and invest in disney but need to figure out how.


i bought my one share from oneshare.com i splurged and got it framed as well.


I think we need to just pull up anchor and move to WDW and “Live the Dream” !!! :pirate::laugh::pirate:


That’s what I want , having it framed … I have friends with Coors , and Target Stock Certificates… Why not get Disney!!!


From mousesavers.com

OneShare.com - Disney Stock
Disney’s stock certificates are really beautiful – they make a great framed art piece. The certificates feature Disney characters and a drawing of Walt Disney. They are a perfect gift for Disney fans – and kids!

You only have to own ONE share of Disney stock to receive all the “perqs” a major stockholder would get. Shareholders get no discounts, but you will get the corporation’s annual report, an opportunity to vote in the annual corporate elections, and the ability to attend the Annual Meeting of shareholders. Plus, you’ll usually get a small dividend check at the end of the year!

Unfortunately, most brokers can’t be bothered with selling you one share of a stock, much less providing you with the actual stock certificate. However, unlike most stock brokerages, OneShare.com allows you to purchase only one share of Disney stock and sends you the actual certificate.

OneShare.com charges you for the cost of the stock plus a $39 “OneFee” (a single fee that includes all the separate fees and commissions needed to buy a single share of stock, register the shareholder on record, and obtain the certificate unfolded and ready to frame).

You can order any of the certificates beautifully framed and matted behind glass, in various styles, for an extra charge. Some stock certificates sold by OneShare.com can be purchased in a basic paper frame so that you can do your own framing.

It takes a while to get the actual stock certificate, so if you are ordering stock for a gift, they will provide you with a Gift Announcement with a full color rendition of the stock certificate, information about the gift and a customized gift message from you. The Gift Announcement is free of charge if sent via e-mail, or you can print it out for free. It’s perfect for last-minute gifts!

Save $10 on a share of Disney stock from OneShare.com with promo code MOUSESAVERS.
This is an exclusive special offer for MouseSavers.com readers.

I got my nephews each one for Christmas one year. They’ve actually received a couple of checks.


Trust me…I thought about it many many times… only problem is DH and DD 10 won’t come. Well…it may not be that big of a problem. That’s what holidays are for :laugh:


Oneshare.com is great! I bought a Disney stock for my parents and few christmass’ ago and they love it! The certificate it lovely and looks great framed. I even got a little engraved plaque for it that reads, “A Mickey Mouse investment for future Goofy good times”. Shipping and handling was a little expensive because I live in the UK but it arrived on time and without and hiccups! I can definatly reccomend it as a great gift!


My (distant)nephew just graduated from HS and we were toying about what to get him. This would be purrfect. Thanks so much.