Disney Stockholders


So I purchased my first few stock a few weeks back. I bought Penn National gaming and Disney. I prefer to invest in things I love/enjoy and vow to commit my consumer dollars towards.

I got in slightly after the Pixar announcement and am already up $2 per share.
I just thought to see if there are others like me who have invested in Disney and are enjoying the ride its giving us.

We’ve still got finalization of the Pixar purchase and the shareholders meeting ahead of us to fuel our rising mouse stock!

This is so much fun!!! I’m considering buying more very soon.


I’d love to invest in Disney, but I don’t have enough $$$ to buy enough shares to really make a difference…


Hehe, congrats, I enjoy the big and exciting .22 cent return check I get every year from the ONE share that was given to me as a kid!! HEHE!


Well right now the majority of our stock is in micron(ick) and we are going to sell it all off after it gets back to its price of 18. And thank god because Micron is the worst stock ever! It’s like a rollercoaster! But anyways it is almost back up right to 18. And we have about 20,000 in it. We also have a little bit of Costco and Starbucks. And let me tell you, Starbucks is the best choice ever for investing. You can make a couple thousand off of it which is pretty good.

But anyways we plan on possibly buying some disney stock or lots of ebay(ebay is soaring in the market just went up a dollar the other day). But just remember, don’t buy Micron whatever you do :P.


thats awesome! One day I totally plan on buying some Disney stock too. Congrats!


We have owned Disney stock for about 12 years now. It is doing o.k., but it did a lot better in the earlier years. Still a nice stock to have.