Disney Stocks at 67.15


Yesterday I noticed my Disney Stock was at an all time five year high at 69.00+ :wub:

Sadly, it dropped two dollars a share today.

I suppose I should have sold mine.

If, however, I had bought sufficient stock shares (5882) when they were selling at only $17.00 a share, that would have meant I would have realized $306,000.00 profit. :mickey:


My DH bought my Daughter and I each one share twenty years or so ago…just to have the certificate with Walt on it. We gave up following that one share a long time ago…lol


If it was 1993 then you now have 3 shares each. If it was a pre May 1992 you have 12 each. Not to mention dividends. You may want to check on that. You may have enough for a Disney trip or at least a nice meal. :smile: