Disney Store finally getting better merchandise?


I was at the Mall of America last week so figured I would stop by Disney Store to see if they are looking better than the last time I was in. Sadly, there is still the same plastic, junky stuff as before. However, I did talk to a CM there (are they called CMs when they work outside the parks?) and she said that they were expecting to get Vinylmation and other nice product in before the holidays! I am holding out hope that the MOA store will be one of the stores they remodel soon!


I am glad your’s is getting better stuff. I do love going in there for the music and disney fix, but mine has nada for me to buy unless shopping for a child.


Our Disney Store is at our outlet mall. Not all of the stores in that mall are outlets, some are regular stores, but mostly it’s outlets. I can never decide if the Disney Store is one of the regular stores or an outlet. Either way, their merchandise isn’t all that great. My kids love to go in and browse just to get a Disney fix, but I always remind them to save their money for vacation, because they’ll see a lot better stuff when they’re actually in Disney World!:laugh:


We got some inexpensive tshirts a few weeks ago…they aren’t the greatest quality but were only about $5.


We have a “regular” Disney Store here and a WDW outlet at our outlet mall. You can tell the difference by the tags, especially on clothing - it’ll say Disneyland or Disney Parks if it’s a parks merchandise outlet, whereas the tags at the Disney Store will say Disney Store.

I actually like the parks outlet better, even though good finds are hit-or-miss there. I’ve found stuff that they still sell in the parks for a LOT less. I dunno if they have these elsewhere, though - ours is in Saint Augustine, just about 1½ hours away from Orlando.


Ours has had some unusually nice adult t shirts in of late and some really cute stationary! I wish they had kept the old store though! It was 2 floors and the top floor use to have collectables, watches and snowglobes! The new store has none of that!


when ours closed i was told by one of the cm that they were told disney was going to stop selling their stuff everywhere . they were pulling the stuff back into the stores and the parks only. make it more exclusive like in the beginning. the stores were going to be reopened in a limited quantity. I wish it had been the truth.


Ours is just for children, too. So disappointing. I never find anything in there that I can use. Just plush and kids’ costumes and clothes.


Mine’s the same. We had the $5 tees for adults but other than that it’s toys, plushies, dvds and costumes. Nothing of which I could really buy. I wish they would sell more Disney parks stuff and things they sell at TrenD (In Downtown Disney). I love Disney Couture and would love to see more of it.


I am so not a mall person, so rarely get to see a Disney store. But was recently in Orland Square and was walking by the Disney store so had to stop in. Sooooo disappointed. They had not one adult thing, and dh even commented on if the store was closing because there was so much floor space, that displays could have been in. They could hold double the merchandise. Nothing but some stuffed animals and other small kids toys.


Oooh when were you there? I was there Friday all day!
Yes, same junky stuff. I didn’t even spend $1. Bummer… Last time I almost had to force myself to get something! Weird!
I can’t wait for the new store… they said MOA is in the top few for first round remodels… Patiently waiting…:slight_smile: