Disney Store Forum/Thread?


Okay, so I already mentioned this to Mickey, The Owner of MB, but I just wanted to mention it to everyone else and see what everyone else’s opinion was, I hope I dont get in trouble for bringing this up!

But anyways, what would you guys think about possibly adding a “Disney Store” Thread to the “Walt Disney Company” section of the forums? It would be there to discuss Disney Merchandise, ask questions about upcoming/certain products and items, current or up-coming sales, Disney park ticket promos going on in the stores, pre-sale questions, or any banter that has to do with the The Disney Stores/Disneyshopping.com, Disney merchandise, etc?

Just was curious to know what ya’ll thought about it! Thanks! :mickey:


I think this would be a very fun addition :closedeye


I think it would be too!!!


I think it would be neat. I love the Disney Store and have two pretty close by that I shop at a lot.


I love the idea! Can we include World Of Disney in it as well?


Would :heart: that!


I dont see why not!:happy:


Sounds like a good addition.