Disney store in NY City! Here are Pics


We love Disney (me and the kids - DH just puts up with us) here are some pics of the Disney Store in NY City…and yes they had a really nice bathroom too!


I wanted to stay for hours…so much to see…

Also, see DH getting a smooch…


I was amazed at how nice their bathrooms were


Thanks for the pics!! I’ve walked past this store so many times!! I had no idea it was so nice inside…I can’t wait till my next trip to NY now!

P.S. - you family is adorable!!


Thank you …your “Cutie Patuti” is adorable too…


I love that store, I try to stop in everytime I am in the city. :smile:


I always stop by whenever we are in the city also! And I agree, it is one of the nicest bathrooms in a retail store I’ve ever been in!


Beautiful! Sorry I missed it last time I was there. Any hidden mickeys?


Great pictures! I wish the Disney stores in So. Cal were that nice!!!


Hey, nice pictures, thanks! I have been to the big store in Boston and figured the one in NYC was the same, but it seems they each have their own personality.


Ooooo Ive heard its amazing there! Id love to go!


Was just in the Disney store in Chicago. I thought it was really cool, but seeing NYC, I am soooooo jealous!


Great pics!!! Now I really gotta get to NYC. Sadly I’ve never been :crying:

And you have a very nice looking family.


The store looks beautiful. It really reminds me of WOD in DTD. Thanks for posting the pictures; they’ve really made my day!!:mickey:


The Disney store in NY is much larger then the one I went to. The Disney store between Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN, wouldn’t allow me to take any pictures inside the store.


I love that store, I could stay in there for hours. Great pics, glad you all had a good time.


I am glad you all enjoyed the pics…my DH said I was crazy to take pics of a store, but I knew my mousebuzz friends would appreciate it :laugh: . It gave me my WDW fix until my next trip this Thanksgiving.


The pics are great!
Yes, tell your hubby we appreciate you looking crazy for us!:laugh:


I liked the way your DH was checking out the villianess. lol I would love to go to NYC. But, I’m afraid I would be lost in the Big Apple.


I totally understand, that’s why we depended on a long time friend of mine who lives in NJ but works in NY to take us to tour the city. We did it all in a day and were exhausted (we went to the Statue of Liberty, FAO Swartz, Time Square, Madison Square Garden, The World Trade Center (Ground Zero), the Empire State building and variuos stores and shopping along the way.) My kids loved it and we were so tired when we got back we all slept til noon the next day.