Disney store in NYC


A recent article on StitchKingdom.com now reveals the location of [B]that new store scheduled to open in fall of 2010. “The store will be located at 1540 Broadway, in the heart of Times Square, between 45th and 46th Street[/B].”


I heard about that, I am more a fan of the current 55th & 5th location cause it is a lot more quiet & in a nicer area. I hate Times Square but I am at least grateful it’s not going away forever (although, nothing is really confirmed). I like having that nice piece of Disney close to home.


yes i KWYM :wub:


Is it a Disney Store or World of Disney?


What will they do with the 5th & 55th location?


From what I understand, the current WoD store on 55th & 5th is shutting down & moving to Times Square.


Here’s a little blurb about it:
World of Disney New York Moving in 2010 | WDW News Today


Im happy to know its going to be a WOD. Do they till do meets or was it canceled


they were doing them but when we went in Dec. they had stopped it.


from their site-

World of Disney® in New York City Closing on December 31, 2009
For over five years, World of Disney on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in New York City brought a dash of Disney magic to the Big Apple. This enchanting 3-story store packed with Disney delights closed its doors on December 31, 2009. A great big thank you to all of the wonderful visitors who visited New York City’s World of Disney!


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;1011234]Here’s a little blurb about it:
World of Disney New York Moving in 2010 | WDW News Today[/QUOTE]

thank you!


Too bad they had to close a WoD. The closest one here is in the West Ed, a pitiful store. Once you’ve been to WDW, those stores almost compare to Buck or Two.