Disney Store pin find


I just came home from the Disney Store and found a 3 pin set on clearance for 8.00 so I got it after the discounts for $5.99 and it came with 3 pins so basically it was $2.00 a pin. The rep and that they ARE tradable in the parks… They were ratatoullie <------ SP And there were in a little xmas ball backing thingie… They only had 5 cards and I regret not getting all the cards so perhaps I will go back inthe AM


I just gto two pins at the pDisney store yesterday – individuals, but the total was about $7 for both, I think! I think I also might make another trip out there, but at our store there were only half dozen pins or so…


our store has just a few pins - not much at all. i was actually disappointed…they weren’t even on sale!

we have an exchange at the store, so maybe i can take a closer look next week when we go again!

congrats on the deal!


Bummer… won’t get to the Disney Store till next week sometime… I am going to miss my window…


Dee, our store had very, very few pins. Though I saw them yesterday, Ibet they are gone by now. Not worth the trip for me to go and see, I decided.


the closest store for me would be Allentown, I work new the Bridgewater Stored, but the boss man drove in today so I couldn’t even talk him into stopping.


My store is Deptford NJ and they only had about 50-100 pins that was not on sale and then they had the ones that were in a christmas ornament thing on sale so thats what I got. They are pure ulgy so I cant wait to trade them… I feel bad thought but perhaps the CM will just discard them…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: LOL! I bet they are very nice! I just remembered there is a store in Palisades Center in New York State, so maybe I will head up there soon…


That is a great deal!!

I need to start stocking up on pins to trade…I know that’s going to be one thing DH will want to do a lot.


They are plain jane pins… Nothing cool about them at all. My DD thought I bought them for her to keep and she said that they will NOT match her collection:glare: so I had to explain to her that they were for trade and she changed her tune quick:happy:


I use to love it when the DisneyStore UK stocked pins, we could get 3 pins for around $5 going on the current £/$ exchange. We would stock up on about 3 or 4 cards each and then just trade them off around DLP and WDW, we got some amazing pins that way and saved a fortune! They dont sell them anymore which is a bummer but I always go in and check when im in town (Which is about 3 times a week haha!)


Im so excited… I just went back and got 4 more cards which have 3 per card for only $19.25 they are on sale now for %40 off