Disney stores might be sold back to disney


I just saw this on another site… With this link:Children’s Place to exit Disney Stores - Forbes.com.

They were saying that some stores might close… Very interesting!


If thats the case I want a Sat/Sun job for a Disney World discount


Hmm, seriously. If it was sold back to the Disney company I think I would consider a part-time job there! I LOVE the store at our local mall!


Yay maybe they will get more adult stuff back again like they used to have a long time ago …


I agree I would get a PT job there too! I hope this is true!! Oh let it be…


I heard of this last year and got all excited, but a cm I know that works at our mall store, didn’t know a thing about it. I’ll have to ask her again the next time I see her. I know she’d be happy to have her “disney perks” back again.


what kind of perks did they get before?


I didn’t even know the Disney Stores were owned by Children’s Place! lol


Pretty much the same things all cm get. Discounts on merchandise, tickets and they got really nice discounts on their rooms at the Disney Resorts. Because she’s a single mom of 3, she can no longer afford to go to wdw. Those perks really helped her out.


I would love to see Disney buy back the Disney Stores, maybe I would shop there again.


That would be great! Maybe they’d bring back some more grown up merchandise too:)


I agree! I hope they would introduce more “grown up” merchandise again:happy: I used to shop there a lot more in the past, but they seem to have done away with most of the merchandise that I would like. The PT job thing might be something to consider for the perks too!


I know I am going against the grain here, but I like the disney stores as is…the clothes are more reasonable in price and the style is WAYYYY better.


Where have I been?? I didnt even know Disney didnt own the Disney Store!


A big thumbs up for the Disney buy back!


I’m with you. Of course, I was a SM for TCP and now work per dium there sometimes, but the quality at DS is better than it used to be and the prices are more reasonable now. I do miss the adult clothes, but I’m not finding it on disneyshopping.com either, so I don’t think it’d be in the stores if Disney owned them.
If you have kids, the CMs get discounts at both DS and TCP now, so it’s not a bad deal.


They closed the one near me down.:frown:

I tried to get a job there when I was laid off several years ago. Wound up taking a better job but I remember them telling me that I would have to shave my beard and moustache. No big deal but I’m guessing with that policy they would have hired Jeffrey Dahmer before hiring Jesus.


I have to say I had no idea the Children’s Place owned them. Although I do love the Place I have to admit there is little grown up stuff at the stores now. So Go Disney!


Have to agree with the previous posts that the Disney stores selection for adults has been a joke during the Children’s Place ownership. What they do have is very cheap and a rare thing to find in the first place lately. For the past few years the selection has grown very stagnant, very rarely do you find something new there. We go once and a while, but unlike before when Disney ran and owned it, now we very rarely find anything to buy there. Last time we were there, about a week ago there was 2 racks of what looked like old stock/returns of adult clothing but most of the stuff was in sizes that no one wears (small) and looked like it was taken out of a trash bag it was so wrinkled and just thrown on hangers. We can’t wait for next weekend when we will be at Disney World for a week and do some REAL Disney shopping.


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