Disney studio's chief resigns


Disney studio chief quits after ‘John Carter’ flop- MSN Money


Wow, a 200 million dollar loss? My mouth is hanging open. Thanks for the link


that’s a lotta disney dollars…holy cow


Not surprised… I did not know who he was at all, and the ads did not tell me a thing. I still want to see all Disney movies though… He should not have resigned… Wow


<<<Cavey begins updating job resume>>>


You go boy!


I am trying to figure out the 200 million dollar loss. The production cost was 250 million. The opening week revenue was over 150 million (when you combine US and international) revenue. The total theater run was estimated at another 100 million. TV revenue is estimated to be over 40 million and DVD/Rental is estimated to bring in another 150+ million.

Looks like it eked out a little bit of a profit over the long term…

The marketing was horrendous, the call not to merchandises was another misstep. My guess was internally this was pegged as a billion dollar franchise like PotC. I think this has more to do with massively missed expectations.