Disney Swan Booked with Points for New Year's 2007


Hi- We booked a vacation at the Swan for December 30th through Jan 4th using our points that we earned through Starwood. We are pretty certain that we will not be able to go. I know this isn’t a Time Share “rental” but we would like to see if anyone is interested in this week- the average price is $263/night for the standard room during that week. We booked a room with 2 Queen beds. (not the standard doubles). These rooms can be upwards of $380. Because we are Gold Card Members, we can actually pay an additional 1000 points a night and get a higher room with a balcony view. I am told that seeing the NY Eve Fireworks from here is wonderful. If anyone is interested in this week, please let me know. I know there will be room taxes due but I am sure that we can come up with an arrangement for a price- so so sad to miss out on this one! Please let us know if you are interested. you can PM me (:laugh: ) or email me directly if you would like to discuss this further. Please let anyone you know who may be interested… This could be a very good deal for someone wanting to be there for the New Year! Thank you much! Missing Mickey Bad!


Sounds like a great offer but will someone else be able to check in under your name? I think at a WDW owned resort the person listed on the reservation has to be there at check in.


Well as an employee of the Swan and Dolphin, I can guarantee that the person on the reservation has to be the person checking in. The reservation name would have to be changed, which would likely affect the ability to use the Starwood points.


I absolutely will call and ask that question. I do know that I am able to book rooms for my mother, in her name- so as long as I get the proper information I don’t think it will be a problem. But this is all new to me, so I will find out. Thanks for the info…


The person can just call and tell them the name of the person who will be checking in. I stayed on points under my DH’s name, and I wasn’t questioned about it in any way (and my ID has my MAIDEN name on it!)


I got a response that quick!
I would be able to add the name of the person who may wish to use this vacation. Please see below:

To: Mr. Robert A. Colligon
Gold Preferred Guest Number: ******0356

Dear Mr. Colligon,

Thank you for your recent message to Starwood Preferred Guest. I welcome this opportunity to assist you.

Yes, you can give a Starwood Preferred Guest award reservation to someone as a gift.

To explain, award reservations that are gifts must be made in the name of the Starwood Preferred Guest member who is giving the gift. The actual guest name is listed on the reservation in Remarks or in Special Requests if the reservation was made online. You may not be able to see the Remark or the Special Request on your confirmation.

So, if anyone is interested in working something out for this week, I would be happy to chat with you. Thanks much!


I just wanted to pop in and welcome “Emerson613” to MouseBuzz…I actually told her to join our website because Theresa is the only other person in my life that may love Disney even more than me…if that’s possible! :laugh: :mickey:

Theresa and I have been friends since we were 18 years old…our children are now friends and she is a wonderful person. :heart: She is in a bind right now and her husband is unable to travel. I know that she would love to be able to offer this opportunity to someone and that’s why I referred her to MouseBuzz.


Hey girlie! I was hoping you would have some input - you know your stuff when it comes to time shares…missed you last weekend!!! :crying:


Welcome Emerson! Any friend of Paula’s is a friend of mine!


Thanks!!! i LOVE it here already!!!




Hi Everyone-
I’m thinking that I am going to try to put this on ebay… Any thoughts?
thank you.


Ebay sounds like a good idea, more people will see it there. Good luck!


i do not know if you will be able to let someone else use it, but best of luck to you…


Thanks! :crying: I just wish WE could go!


Especially STARWOOD timeshares! I own three of them! :happy:

I missed you, too. I also went this week, too! I stayed Monday-Thursday…it was my mom’s anniversary, so I wanted to get away with her. We stayed at Trop and Borgata! Next time I go, you BETTER come meet me!!! xoxoxoxo

SORRY TO HIJACK!!! :ph34r:


I would TOTALLY try to put it on ebay! And if you can’t sell it, you can always get your points back by cancelling your ressie. But you could probably get more $$ for it on ebay! GO FOR IT!!!


Bumping this up again to say that my husband just got a new hip!!! (his 2nd one…) and since no one took us up on this offer, we are using the room and going the end of February! thanks for being a friendly site! can NOT wait I tell ya, can NOT wait!


So you cancelled your New Years points and y ou’re going in Feb? Staying at the Swan? You have to tell us how you liked it!!! We were going to stay at the Dolphin in December, but got a better deal to stay at our timeshare instead (Vistana Villages).


yes, we had enough points to get 2 rooms- at Swan- connected- one with a King and one with 2 Queens… I think Dolphin only has 2 Doubles- but Swan has 2 Qs so that is a plus…
we ended up owning a 3 bedroom lockoff at Vistana Villages and can now trade to II for Disney- (Did you know that?) and with the 3 bedroom lockoff, we can do it as 1 2 bedroom banking unit or a 1 premium bedroom banking unit- so I think I am going to try to get one of the DVC for next year. I am LOVING the idea of being at the Swan- I made ADRs for dinner in Epcot- thought “oh great- by the time we get in the park and walk back there with Bob’s new hip I need another 45 minutes…” no I don’t - the boat goes right up to the World Showcase… How fun! I think that being this close to MGM and Epcot is going to RUIN me forever… other than Wilderness Lodge and the main gate resorts we always have to travel to get to MK so this is going to be a huge Treat I think! :wub: :heart: :wub: :heart: :pirate: