Disney switching to FastPass+ only at Magic Kingdom on Jan. 14



Walt Disney World will reportedly stop distributing paper FastPass tickets at the Magic Kingdom in favor of the resort’s new FastPass+ reservation system starting early next week, according to our partners at Orlando Attractions Magazine.

The report, posted Friday, said the Magic Kingdom is set to stop using the “legacy” FastPass machines and start offering FastPass+ only starting Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Walt Disney World says FastPass+ and all other aspects of its new MyMagic+ system, including the MagicBand bracelets for resort guests, are still in “testing” mode.

However, Disney’s Animal Kingdom stopped offering paper FastPass tickets in December. Paper tickets will still be available at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios until further notice.

So, what does that mean for you if you want to reserve a ride time? That all depends on whether or not you already have a MagicBand, which currently is only available to guests staying at certain Disney World resorts.

If you have a MagicBand:

You can make a FastPass+ reservation online at MyDisneyExperience.com or through the My Disney Experience mobile app up to 60 days before their visit.
If you don’t have a MagicBand:

You can’t yet use the website or app. This includes day guests and Annual Passholders who have not already gotten a MagicBand by booking a stay at a Disney resort.

Instead, guests without a MagicBand will have to visit one of the MyMagic+ kiosks around the theme park to scan your plastic ticket and make your FastPass+ selections. Guests with MagicBands can also make their selections at these kiosks.

Once it’s time to use your FastPass+ reservation, you’ll scan your card at the FastPass+ entrance at a Mickey post similar to the ones installed last year at the entrances to the theme parks.

You can change any FastPass+ reservation, but you’ll have to go back to one of the kiosks to do so.

Whether or not you have a MagicBand, the limit on FastPass+ reservations is three per day at only one park per day.

Attractions Magazine suggested that if you’re planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom before Tuesday, or to Epcot or Hollywood Studios in the next few weeks, you may even want to grab some of the last paper FastPass tickets ever and keep them as a souvenir before what could very soon be the end of an era at Walt Disney World.


Since we only go during busy times and use a lot more than three Fastpasses a day this makes me really sad.


Wow, that really stinks, especially for those of us who prefer to stay off-site. It’s very discriminatory. One could theoretically get shut out of Fastpass+ for a given attraction even before you enter the park! And limiting it to 3 a day, and only in one park a day? What if you like to park hop? Or want to see several Fastpass+ attractions in one day? I hate to say it but UniversalExpress makes a lot more sense. If you stay on-site there, you just show your room key at any given attraction and go to the front of the line. If you don’t stay on-site, you have the option of paying extra for the same privilege. Simple, easy to understand, and fair for everyone. Take a hint from your competitor, WDW! I am not a fan of Fastpass+, to the extreme that it may keep me away until I have grandchildren that want to go (and neither of my kids are married or plan on having kids any time soon). Just my two cents worth.


Yeah…I’m not a fan of the whole thing…but what can you do? It’s a business decision…all decisions are business decisions in the end…

I know it will be a whole different experience for us, since we never make any plans ahead of time…and this new system forces you to plan of you want to do anything!!!

But…it is what it is… :slight_smile:


We go during less busy times and feel sad.

We always did the get fast pass, go on less busy ride, as soon as FP window opened get new FP, use first FP and so on. I’m sure we used more like 6 or 7 FP a day.


I’ve already found the three passes in only one park rule to already be a colossal road block.
We are park hoppers and on any given day between two parks, or even three, we’ll have as many as 7 fast passes.
I had been told by CMs that the 3 pass/only one park rule would be changed once this is fully rolled out.
But if you’ve already pulled paper passes from the parks and all you can get are passes for one park and you are limited to three, you’re almost defeating the very reason fast passes exist in the first place. And on top of that, when we were in WDW in December, they were also limiting which rides you could get passes for because they had started a “column a/column b” choice. What this meant was of your three FPs, you could only select one from column a and two from column b. In Epcot, if you got an FP for Test Track, you could not get an FP for Soarin’. In DHS it was either Toy Story or the coaster, but not both. I didn’t set up passes for MK, but you can well imagine that column a includes the three mountains.


I forgot about the one park rule. I don’t know how many times at night we plan tomorrow MK. Wake up, it’s soooo hot, rainy, whatever, we say let jump over to DHS instead. So we’d be locked out.

I would have loved it if they had left the FP system as it was, but let you select one or two ahead of time.

I’m just hoping they get it figured out soon, we have a trip in May.


We also park hop, in fact I can’t remember many days when we haven’t started the day in one park and ended the day in a second park. I’m not sure our trips are going to be nearly as enjoyable as they have been in the past. I just don’t see this enhancing our experience. We won’t know until we try it but I can see us spending less time in the parks and maybe even less time at WDW.


I don’t remember life at Disney before the park hoppers…we will sometimes be in three in one day!!! I don’t understand the one park per day for FP+ rule…

This whole system is suppose to be for our benefit…make our visit more enjoyable…Ha!! It’s marketing based as most business decisions are…they will use the infor they garner to make further decisions.

I know Walt has been gone a long time but…he must be shaking his head at all this…

I’m trying to think positive…and will see how things go for us next summer----


Is it just me or does anyone else see the possibility of this losing some guests? We are staying an entire week in June but offsite. Now it sounds like we get three FP+s and the rest of the day will be spent waiting in long lines. That really makes me wonder how much I want to go because I don’t really enjoy a 90 minute wait for anything. It seems like they are saying if you don’t stay at our hotel we aren’t interested in your money. Maybe it’s me but why encourage guests not to come to their park by instituting this new policy?

And we are typically hoppers as well so I agree with Soundgod. If I don’t have an AP, why would I even think about paying for a park hopper feature? I’m not paying money to hop over to another park just to have to wait in the stand by line. Seems very unfair and I don’t understand why you would wait until it’s fully rolled out to increase how many you can get. How does that help the initial rollout?


Yep and my family may be among those guests disney will be losing. Fastpass may be the best thing Disney has ever done for enhancing our park experience. We knew how to use them and rarely waited more than 20-25 minutes for any attraction. Now with only three Fastpasses a day I see lots of long lines in our future and it just doesn’t sound all that enjoyable. We’ll see how this plays out for us this summer, we may be cutting back to a trip every few years instead of every year.


This really isn’t that big of a deal for our family. Some trips we might would use 1-2 fastpasses a day…maybe!. What saves us is using the touring plans at touringplans.com. It’s amazing how the order in which you ride a ride dramatically decreases your wait time in line. The park hoppers usually only benefit us for ADRs, going back to the room during the day to rest, and during the latter part of our trip when we decide to “wing it” because we’ve already done everything we had planned on doing. Although it was sort of nice to randomly FP a ride if there was an unexpected super long wait time, but now having to schedule it seems kind of odd to me. How can you possibly know if a ride is going to have long wait/line at a certain time of the day. Just my two cents.


We’ve been twice now “testing” MagicBands, and we still haven’t waited more than half an hour for an attraction. Now, we did have the good fortune to be grandfathered in and were able to have TSM and RNRC FPs before they made the change that you must choose between the two.

I think that the people this really affects is the people who like to ride the same attraction over and over again. While with the old paper FP system it would be possible to ride RNRC with little wait three or four times in a single day, now you’re either going to have to strategize (not unlike how people used to strategize with paper FPs and rope drops)or settle with less rides. One could potentially go to rope drop and ride an attraction back to back before crowds accumulate. The tricky thing is that you can no longer have a FP for TSM and RNRC.

This new system benefits the people who like to sleep in. In paper FP days, if you arrived to the park any later than 11AM, and TSM FPs were completely dry. Forget about it! But now you have the opportunity to go ahead and schedule those FPs.


This does not seem promising to me. We were part of the test a little over a year ago and it did get us onto TSM rather nicely, but it didn’t work well for reasons mentioned in earlier posts. Like soundgod said, it is not well suited for park hopping. We often change what park we want to be in at the spur of a moment in disney. We also like to hit a few rides multiple times. If we are in DHS, we often just jump between ToT and RnRc. Also, during the test we took part in, our MK fastpass was worthless except on of all things, Dumbo. BTMR was shut down for mechanical issues twice. Splash mountain had no line at all, so the need for a fastpass was not needed. We just walked on anyway which wasted a good pass. It would have been better to fastpass Space mountain that day since the line was out the door. Oh, another time, there was a torential downpour for the time we were supposed to hit BTMR and we missed our window. Now, we are going this march and I really wasn’t worried about the fastpass+ but now i suppose i should be paying more attention. I’ll need to look, but is your fastpass+ open all day or is it still for a certain time. That’s going to really suck if we only have a 1 hour time frame to hit it. If this is the case, I doubt it will benefit us at all. I’m going to hold out hope, but if this sticks us waiting in long lines all the time, this will be our last trip for a while. I guess I will be able to bring a little feedback after our march trip.


ok, answered my own question. went to the disney site and started making fastpass selections, and guess what, the site kicked me off and said come back later due to downtime and scheduled maintenance. anyway, i see it is for a 1 hour window which really stinks. well, i have this trip already paid for and there’s no going back, but i would have scheduled a different vacation had i known this was going to happen. guess i should have paid more attention. live and learn.


Actually, I think FP+ works nicely for park hopping. With paper FP, you could use FPs at your first park, but if you hopped over to another park in the afternoon, the FPs for the major attractions were probably all distributed, at least until late in the evening. With FP+, just make your FP+ reservations for your second park. Arrive to the first park early and take advantage of the low crowds, then hop to your second park, and you already have FPs. You can even time it so that you can use them as soon as you switch parks - could have never done that with paper FP.


I see that LMM, and it seems nice in theory, but I know we will change our plans at the spur of the moment. It might not be that big of a deal, but I know what problems we had during the test and I was glad that we were able to still fastpass the old way. I tried to change some of our fastpasses at the park at that time and it was difficult to get the mobile site to come up and when I finally did, nothing worth having was availble for the fastpass+, yet we could still get paper fastpasses for some of them(obviously not TSM). Hopefully the app is easy to use(which they didn’t have last time) and it comes up fast. I will see soon. I’m hoping that it won’t make a difference and the park crowds are light for the first week of March. Should just be all us south Louisianian’s escaping Mardi Gras.


I see why people who like to ride attractions over and over might be uneasy about this, but for my family it is about the whole experience - the background music, the food, the shops as well as the attractions. To me, the idea of knowing I will be able to get on TSMM with a scheduled FP is way less stressful than wondering if there will be any paper FPs available if we happen to get going late some morning. I think this will help us slow down a bit and enjoy all aspects of the park, instead of making that frenzied dash to the FP lines once we get off an attraction.

I also know that there were problems emerging with the old FP system, where sometimes you would get in line with your FP and wait for a ridiculous amount of time. My guess is that Disney has been studying trends at their parks and that they are adopting this new system for a reason. I don’t think they are trying to be discriminatory or elitist.

I’m reserving judgment until this is fully rolled out. Change is always hard to swallow, but I don’t think they would be doing this unless they were noticing trends that would eventually cause problems for the current system.


well, attempt number two and i was kicked off again after trying to schedule our fastpass+. keep getting the error from the disney site that their server is down. this is already aggravating. well, i’ll try again of course but this is becoming less of a stress free vacation. i’m really not opposed to change but this is not helping me get all disneyed up.


Uggg I will be really mad if I can’t get into the site the day I need to…