Disney tattoos


Does anyone have a disney tattoo?? Post a picture or tell us about it.
I am trying to decide what to get. I really want something small maybe just a black hidden mickey on the top of my foot or a back of my neck (hidden under my hair)
Just wanted some other ideas. I am wanting something very small.


Anyone have Disney tattoos???


DW had this one in WDW. It was cute. Some of her shirts it would peek just over the collar. Pretty cool


DW had this one done last year…


The Mini on her back was the best. Depending on what shirt she was wearing you could see Mini just peeking over the collar. Just the coolest spot…


Those are cute…Are those temporary?


hehe, WELP, my back piece is still “in the works- on hold” right now but it is QUITE Disney. I have a 12" high vintage Tinkerbell with roses, a map with Skull Rock, etc… I am adding a few other things but I ran out of $… and time. :laugh:


Yeah… The Mini was the best. I like a small tatoo on woman, I think its sexy…


they look fantastic but dont do it. but if you do think long and hard about it and chouse well.

i got guine when i was drunk. i love guinie but the tattoo is just not right.



Thanks for sharing the photos are great. Anyone else have photos?

my sister wants to work at disney as a florist, she interviewed last week. She has a tattoo on her bikini line of 3 flowers that create a hidden mickey.


that is too cute. I really like that one. I have no pictures to offer but can’t wait to see what you decide on.


I have a 3 tattoos and 1 of them is lower back and its Winnie the Pooh sitting on desert ground with his honey pot on his lap and his cowboy hat hanging on the top of a cattus thats next to him. Ya know I never took a picture of it sorry, Im thinkin that now I should.


Thanks everyone!!
Anyone else want to share??


PuMouse has a cool one of the castle…is it still her avatar…does anyone know??

If you want to take a look it may still be her avatar…go to Members List at the top of the page and then go to Search on the right side of the page above the Members List and type in PuMouse…it’s pretty cool!!!


If you do want to work at WDW, and you will be “onstage” with guests you can’t have any tatoos that are openly visable. This has created problems for many students who want to do the college program. As long as they can be covered by clothing when you are working you are fine.


Yeah she told me you can’t have any visible tattoos but hers is on her bikini line so she will be all covered. Thanks


OUCH!! Doesn’t it hurt to get a tattoo? I have to admit they are cute but…OUCH!!!:closedeye :pinch: :pinch:


llama has a disney tat on her leg…cheshire cat…


Here’s a link to mine, it’s on top of my right arm…

A funny story about my tattoo… I was at California Grill, taking pictures and I stopped to talk to one of the chefs. I told him that I was a crazy Disney fan and he told me that they were the ones with the character tattoos. I showed him my arm and laughed. :slight_smile:


I am finally on my desktop. This is 1/2 of my back, still not done, but eventually I will be. :laugh: I will try to find the picture of the map with skull rock on it. Or a picture of my whole back. I know i have these pics somewhere. And sorry, I think this was a crappy cell phone pic.