Disney Tattoos!


hahaha. Pretty cute if I do say so myself! Mickey could be a little cuter though… :laugh:


And here are some more! How neat was that villians one above!


Oh those are neat! :happy:

However, if the Andy on the foot is real…how painful would that be? :laugh:


[QUOTE=CuriousAlice;1037394]Oh those are neat! :happy:

However, if the Andy on the foot is real…how painful would that be? :laugh:[/QUOTE]

Hahaha I don’t know how real it is but it sure is cute!! And I’m sure it be killlllllll with pain! Haha. I know a boy who has ‘Andy’ written on the bottom of his boot. Its so cute! :wub:


Oh just looking at that one on the bottom of his foot makes me squirm! That would be awful!


Oh wow they are just wicked! I love the Haunted Mansion one- amazing! and the bottom of the foot one, ooh makes me squeal just thinking about it…


just got this…


Cool pics! and Hi from Philly!


Haha Hello, Kidani & Me! I’m from just outside Philly! But still close enough! :]

And yes, I agree with everyone the Andy one… scary! haha. But I think it’s cute.

That villians one is amazing!


Very cool. I want the EPCOT symbol… like this! Without the words! lol. But I don’t know where I’d get it!


I bet that they’d make a really neat tattoo! haha. For someone who was dedicated!!!


Oooo they make me want a Disney related tattoo! That Andy one is fantastic! The Dumbo one is so sweet and I <3 the castle!


Couldn’t agree more! I need to get one! Haha. I want so many different ones!


Haha! I know. It’s hard to decide what one you’d want on you for the rest of your life! :laugh:


Hahaha believe me, ain’t that the truth! haha.

Can’t wait though! It’s really between Mickey and Woody! Or maybe the Haunted Mansion girl.



At breakfast this morning with family and friends, someone mentioned they saw tattoos of cartoon characters all the way up a person’s leg. The next sentence was “it probably was Disney characters”, then “Yeah, there’s probably a special going on at Disney, go there over 7 times and get a free tattoo.” Then, “Well Beth, they should tattoo an annual pass across your forhead!” Hey, if that got me into Disney for free the rest of my life, it would be the first time I would ever contenplate getting one!


hahaha! That is too funny! :laugh:


hahah! Priorities Beth! Free Disney for life? WORTH IT!!! :laugh: