Disney theatrical re-releases?


So my friend and I just watched Snow White tonite (sigh! :wub: ) and along the way, checked out the trailers from every theatrical release of Snow White. According to our “brainy calculations” (yay art students!) we figure–and HOPE–this will be released to theatres again around 2008. Wouldn’t that be swell??

While we’re on the subject…who thinks Disney should start doing this again? I know they re-released a handful of films off the top of my head…Bambi, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmations, all between their original date and the 80s/early 90s… But what made them stop? Does it cost them very much to release these movies to theatres where–I’ll bet anything–people will FLOCK to see them? Would Disney get any financial benefit from that?

I don’t know, just a hopeful alternative to getting rich quick without screwing classics with sequels, or going all CGI on us. What do you guys think?


If they stopped doing it, it had to have been because they weren’t making enough from it. I wouldn’t go to the theater and spend a small fortune to see something I have on VHS or DVD. I have a feeling there are many who feel that way. A trip to the movies can cost me and my DD $20. I can get snacks at the dollar store and stay home and watch it.


Good points Dana, but at the same time I wish they’d continue it. But it is all about the bottom line, so Disney is sinking their dollars into brand new CGI/Pixar releases and leaving the classics to DVD releases.

I, for one though, would love to see Jungle Book on the bigscreen. Especially a cleaned up, remastered version.


I kinda agree with Dana. I don’t think I’d go to the theater and spend a months wages just to see a movie I’ve already seen and probably own on DVD. The only time I’ve done that was when Lucas re-released the Star Wars Triology to theaters back in 1998…


Hmph… and you call yourself a Disney Fan! <joke!>

I have to agree… I’m not spend hard earned money to see a film that I have seen and bought the CD… Though Igamba I would too like to see Jungle Book on the big screen remastered version.


Am I the only person who strives to catch the matinees/twilight shows? :laugh: Darn.

You CAN be cheap AND be a Disney fan! struts around as living proof